Blog # 6 Mohammed Morsi as President of the Republic of Egypt

Mohammed Morsi and his relationship with Gaza and Hamas

The relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have been close for a long time. In talks with Hamas leaders in Cairo only weeks after he was sworn in, Morsi promised to “take measures that would ease the burden on the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”
Hamas has held unprecedented celebrations in the Gaza Strip, which controls it immediately after the announcement of Morsi victory in the Egyptian presidential elections. This victory allowed the movement to strengthen its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, and held several meetings between Morsi and the head of the political bureau of the movement Khaled Meshaal and the Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and received official cooperation on the economic and security level.
“We will not leave Gaza alone. Today Egypt is completely different from yesterday’s Egypt. We tell the aggressor that this blood will be a curse on you and will be an engine for all the peoples of the region against you. Stop this farce immediately,” Morsi said. We will never be able to stand before her, the anger of a people and leadership. ”
And took a practical position to show Egyptian solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip when the former Prime Minister Hisham Qandil sent an official Egyptian delegation to provide all possible assistance to the people of the sector, which prompted many countries, Arab and Islamic, to follow the example of Egypt, Official and popular to Gaza to show support and support.
President Mursi ordered the opening of permanent crossings between Egypt and Gaza to receive Palestinian patients for treatment in Egyptian hospitals and treat them as Egyptians.
Egypt did not only do so, but led a diplomatic and political movement that succeeded in ending the aggression on Gaza, days after it broke out under an Egyptian-sponsored truce treaty, which confirmed Egypt’s restoration of its pivotal role in the region.
The Egyptian government has forgiven many of the tunnels through which food, medicine, and weapons are also being transferred and opened crossings with Gaza at times.



The timeout of the armed forces and Tamarod movement

At the end of April 2013, a rebellion movement called Tamarod for a withdrawal of confidence from Morsi. We called for an early presidential election. The movement called for the June 30, 2013, demonstrations, based on signatures it said it collected from 22 million Egyptians

On July 1, 2013, the armed forces set a deadline of 48 hours to meet the demands of the people in the June 30 demonstrations. Otherwise, it would intervene and announce a “future map and procedures to oversee its implementation.”
The statement, which was broadcast on state television, said that the Egyptian scene witnessed demonstrations and the exodus of the people of Greater Egypt to express their opinion and will in an unprecedented peaceful and civilized manner. “Everyone saw the movement of the Egyptian people and heard its voice with utmost respect and attention,” he said, stressing that ” To receive the people in response to his movement, and his appeal from each party bears some responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding the homeland”.
The armed forces said in their statement that “they will not be part of the circle of politics or government, and do not want to depart from their role in the original democratic thought emanating from the will of the people,” noting at the same time that “the national security of the State is at great risk to developments that The country is witnessing, and we are given the responsibilities of each according to his position, to deal with what is appropriate in order to prevent these risks”.
She added that “the early armed forces felt the seriousness of the current situation, and the demands of the great Egyptian people, so have already set a week to all the political forces in the country to agree and get out of the crisis, but this week passed without the emergence of any gesture or action, which led To the exit of the people with determination and determination, and in full freedom in such a remarkable manner, which raised admiration and appreciation and attention at the internal, regional and international levels”.



Mohammed Morsi was influenced from inside by Muslim Brotherhood and from outside by the United Staes. In result, ┬áMorsi’s came from the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which considered as a terrorist organization was support by U.S. And they have a huge influence on him because they believed they were going to serve the U.S. interests in that region. Instead, Morsi got deposed regard what I consider as popular demands and a military coup at the same time.

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