Is Libya a Failed State?

Prior to his appointment in 2015, Kobler had top UN jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and came into his role in Libya with the goal of preventing the country becoming the next Syria.
Libyas problems are hard to belittle, facing rival governments, security issues, and energy shortages.
The argument about whether Libya is failed or simply failing is unlikely to comfort most in the country, as long as there is a shortage of basic services and political chaos.
Following a visit to Libya earlier this week, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said his agency will increase its activity in response to the situation and called for refugees and asylum seekers being held in detention centers to be freed.
Libyas peace accord known as the Libyan Political Agreement , brokered by the UN and signed in Skhirat, Morrocco, in December 2015 has so far failed to solve the countrys political problems.

A Failed State in Waiting

Libyas transition has been bogged down by insecurity and chaos, suggesting the country is becoming a failed state six years after the Nato-backed uprising that ended Muammar Gaddafis rule.
The protagonists have not understood that no single ideological branch or political or tribal clan can govern the country on its own in the post-Gaddafi era, said Rachid Khechana, director of the Mediterranean Centre for Libyan Studies in Tunis.
Analysts remain sceptical over the prospects for Libya to avoid becoming a failed state.
Libyans must decide whether their country will become a new Somalia, or whether theyll make difficult choices to steer it in a different direction. Whether or not this state of suspended animation marks the beginning of Libya as a failed state depends primarily on its economic standing, she said.


With the turmoil in Libya, difficult decisions and even submissions must be made in order to keep the state from completely failing. None of the current agreements made since the death of Gaddafi have made any meaningful impact on the country. Tribes of clans, different ideological beliefs, or political branch are not able to make peace work in Libya, they will all be forced to work together for the sake of keeping Libya afloat. Each side seems to be full of Political Realists, meaning they think by projecting power, it will lead them to greater control over the country. The problem is, each of these groups is expecting the same thing, and unless each side is willing to give up some of their beliefs and work together, no one group will gain control. And the country will remain where it currently is.