At the beginning of 2014, former General under Gaddafi, Khalifa Haftar, announced that the GNC had been dissolved. Three months later he created and built up his own militia, with support from many former Gadaffi loyalists. On May 16 he launched the Operation Dignity offensive in Benghazi, with the purpose of driving out Islamist Militants. He has said that the main objective is to destroy the Libyan chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Operation Dignity battle was one of the first major battles of the Second Libyan Civil War, in May 2014. It was fought between the Islamic Fundamentalist group, the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, and Libyan Army. It began when Gen Haftars forces attacked different bases in Benghazi that were held by the terrorist group, Shura Council. It included an attack on the base that US Ambassador Chris Stevens was at.



There really may not be a complete distinction between the first Libyan Civil War and the Second, but this Battle was one of the first offenses of the Second. The whole Civil War is against rival groups wanting to take control of Libya, and there are simply too many groups with different views for this to smoothly end. The country is in a state of anarchy, and none of the groups are capable of running a country, in my opinion.