Blog Post 8

# Khamenei calls for support the people of Bahrain and Yemen.

  • Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei, said on Monday, during Eid al-Fitr prayers sermon, he said that Yemen and Bahrain issues are a big wound in the body of the Islamic world, as he put it, calling for support Islamic people, which he described as the oppressed.


# Rohani to Tamim: We stand by Qatar and economic relations must be developed.

  • Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said in a telephone conversation with Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad on Sunday that Iran stands by Qatar, which he described as a “brotherly nation”, stressing the need to strengthen relations between the two countries and develop economic cooperation.



It is funny that Kummauni saying that the Islamic states are suffering especially in Bahrain and Yemen, not knowing that Iran is behind all the troubles in the Middle East. If Kummani is telling the truth, why Iranian government still suppressing the Arab region of Al-Ahwaz in Iran. Iranian media hides the suppression of Al-Ahwaz all times. At the same time, they fund and support the terrorism. The Iranian government is killing and arresting Ahwazi people almost every day because they are Arab’s and Sunnis. No one says nothing on the media and this is the terrible situation. In these days, 68 Iranian parliamentarians warned the president of Iran Rohani of the daily life of Arab Ahwaz. No one denies the terrible humanitarian, social and political situation of the people of Ahwaz in Southern Iran. Too Iranian government is hiding the facts, the president of Iran is claiming that Iran will stand by Qatar no matter what and this is predictable because Iran has a gold opportunity to enter the Gulf states through Qatar since Iran has defeated in Bahrain and Yemen and they need a third opportunity. In my opinion, Qatar knows that Iran supports them to overcome Saudi Arabia. Also, Iran supports Qatar to defeat the Gulf cooperation and establish an Iranian base. Politically, Iran always claiming that they control four Arab capitals and they still want more and Qatar in the way if they keep stubborn. The Iranian government dreams to bring back the Persian Empire and that is why they gave up its citizens to fulfill this dream. Today, more than 11 million citizens live in poverty because of the illegal actions of the government towards terrorism.

Blog Post 7

# Qatari Foreign Minister: The accusations of the “siege countries” have no basis .. Therefore, we agree with Washington

  • Qatar’s foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman said the Gulf countries’ request to stop supporting terrorism was unacceptable and baseless, saying the accusations were just and unproven.


# Al-Jubeir: The list of demands is not negotiable. The decision is now in Qatar’s hands

  • The Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir says, that the demands made by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, in order to restore relations with “non-negotiable”, speaking in a press statement during a visit to Washington on Tuesday that the Qataris “reform their behavior and only remain in isolation” .


The foreign minister of Qatar still manipulating the media and denying that there is no prove of the accusations from the Gulf countries. The Qatari minister’s attempts are not modest and he does not hesitate to convince his people that they are surrounded and not besieged, although their ports and air are open. In my opinion, the foreign minister of Qatar saying indicates the dissatisfaction of the Qatari street with the actions of the government because they brought Iranian military to prevent any internal coup. Moreover, Qatar is sheltering the terrorist wanted Yosef Al Qarthawi who said before that Muslim can blow himself if the group command it. On the other hand, the Saudi minister Adel Al Jubair says it is up to Qatar if it wants to go back to the Gulf Cooperation. Saudi Arabia still helping its neighbors no matter what, but the problem I see now is Qatar still denying the truth and playing innocent front of the world not knowing that all evidence against them. If Qatar insists that they are innocent, they would be isolated, and the public Qatar would be affected. Qatar now opens up its country, for example, Turkey opened a base in Qatar. This is weird to me and there are doubts about Turkey especially this time. In conclusion, Qatar is leading itself to unknown direction if they continue ignoring the Gulf countries and cooperating. In conclusion, Qatar is leading itself to unknown direction if they continue ignoring the Gulf countries and cooperating.


Blog 6

# Turkish Foreign Minister will visit Saudi Arabia on Friday .. He confirms: Qatar did not align with Iran, but stood by Saudi Arabia


  • Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said on Thursday that Qatar had not aligned with Iran and that it had supported Saudi Arabia in Yemen in its overall comment on the crisis of severing Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt with Qatar, speaking from Kuwait.



  • After the US statements issued by the US Secretary of State, which called on the Gulf countries to ease the siege on Qatar, and said that the United States expects the Gulf countries to take immediate steps to calm the situation in the region, Turkish President Erdogan responded to US statements, saying “US Secretary of State called for easing the siege On Qatar and I demand that it be lifted completely”.


  • Reflection:

Turkey stepped in for Qatar as a defender, and this quick response from Turkey makes many question marks in politics. Turkey said that Qatar never team up with Iran, but instead Qatar teamed up with Gulf states. I believe the reason behind Turkey’s intervention with Qatar is the Muslims Brotherhood. The Turkey president supports Brotherhood, and some countries would say that the president of Turkey is from the Muslims Brotherhood. The Turkey President Erdogan said Qatar stood up with Saudi Arabia against the terrorist groups (Al Huthi) in Yemen, and this is correct. But, Turkey might not be knowing that Qatar is fighting with Saudi Arabia and at the same time, they support Al Huthi. Another reason why Turkey stood up with Qatar because, in my opinion, Qatar is sheltering the Muslims Brotherhood leader from Eygpt Al-Qaradawi for many years. Moreover, Turkey is trying to calm the situation in Gulf countries and this is very important for Turkey because of the benefits Turkey get from Gulf states. In addition, Iranian foreign minister visited Turkey and both countries agreed that they are against the siege. The funny thing in this situation is the Qatari channels especially Al Jazeera which is the strongest channel news in the Middle East kept showing that Gulf states siege Qatar and this is wrong. Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain shut down their borders with Qatar and there is a difference between siege and shut down. If Gulf states siege Qatar, that means there is no food supplies will enter Qatar without the permission of Gulf states. Finally, Qatar can get everything they need, but not throw the borders of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.



Blog 5


# Al Huthi militia holds more than 200 trucks of aid food from WFP in Yemen.


The Houthi militias and the “deposed” forces detained humanitarian and relief convoys of the World Food Program in Yemen. These convoys included 200 trucks carrying relief supplies for 12 districts in Taiz district.

# Iran prepared the Houthi coup and confirmed Tehran’s willingness to pay salaries


Four days before the constitutional declaration issued by the Huthis, a number of Iranians arrived in Yemeni territory to provide logistical and political support to the rebel group in its coup against legitimacy in Yemen.


Al Huthi Militia is a terrorist group in Yemen who wants to overthrow the legitimacy government. This group gets support from Iran since the beginning. Unfortunately, they stopped and took the aid food from the World Food Program. I believe Al Huthi did that to make the legitimacy government fulfill their orders. Also, I believe they did that to swap the food with weapons and ammunitions with the citizens or to sell the food. In my opinion, Al Huthi is close to their end because they are doing a lot of things randomly or without thinking about the consequences. The Gulf coalition is still fighting Al Huthis in Yemen, and they are close to winning and all it needs just time because Al Huthi ran out of money and weapons since the Gulf coalition shut down the Airspace and borders so Iran cannot support Al Huthi. On the other hand, Iranian members arrived in Yemen to support Al Huthi politically and financially. This is a random action since Iran supports many terrorist groups. In my humble perspective, Iran is playing Al Huthi because they are saying we will pay the salaries and this is a big lie because Iran has stolen the money from the central bank of Yemen throw their Yemeni employees who support Al Huthi and the Yemeni rebels thought that Iran is paying from its bucket.



Blog Post 4

# Statement of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain on lists of terrorism.


A statement issued by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain revealed a list of 59 individuals and 12 entities on its terrorism lists, which are funded and supported by the State of Qatar with money and weapons.



# Gargash: Qatar’s request for protection from two non-Arab countries is tragic.


UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash said that “the massive escalation from Qatar is confusing and the demand for political protection from two non-Arab states and military protection from one of them, perhaps a new tragic chapter.


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain declared that they are going to defeat terrorism that relates to Qatar no matter what. In my opinion, this is the best decision and it should’ve happened many years ago. This decision is late, but late better than never. It is time to clear up the field and expose the countries who support the terrorist groups no matter if some of these countries are is an important step to expose the names of terrorists or who support it on news and social media. I express the sympathy with the Qatari citizens, but national security and religion over everything and there is no tolerance on those issues. Further, Qatar still manipulating and denying the accusations. In my humble perspective, if Qatar believes they did not do anything illegal, why would they demand the protection from two Non-Arab countries( Turkey-Iran). The names that revealed on the news living and working in the middle east, and most of them from Qatar. Some of these names pretending the innocence for a long time on social media and I was shocked when I saw their names on the list of the terrorist members. in conclusion, Qatar is leading itself to the darkness because they gave up the country to another country who believes in chaos in the middle east which is Iran.





Blog Post 3

Four reasons behind the tension of Qatar’s relations with its neighbors


The tension between Qatar and its neighbors Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain as well as Egypt, has reached to another level. The Gulf states closed their borders and airspace to all Qatari transport.

Qatar supports the extremist groups in Yemen


The Yemeni government has cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar following the clarification of Doha’s practices and dealing with the militias and support the extremist groups in Yemen.


Qatar has protected and supported many terrorist groups as well as the Muslims Brotherhood. Qatar has been supporting the extremist groups since 1995. I grew up watching and listening to the news back home of the intervention of Qatar in many countries throw out their groups. Unfortunately, Qatar has been playing its neighbors for many years to control or trying to be the future leader of Gulf states and this is not going to happen. The Gulf states know every step that Qatar did, but they were patient. Saudi Arabia has confronted Qatar many times of their illegal actions, but they continue supporting their groups and at the same time acting innocent front of its neighbors. In less than a month, the Qatari leader Tamim criticized the American actions towards Iran. moreover, the Saudi government accused Qatar of supporting their terrorist groups in Qatif which is the city in the east of Saudi Arabia. In my opinion, Qatar behinds the revolution in Egypt because they are allies with Muslim Brotherhood. Further, Libya is frustrated because of the terrorist groups that get the support from Qatar financially and makes Libya live in chaos. The neighbor of Gulf states Yemen has the same chaos, and the weird thing is Gulf states are fighting the terrorist groups with Qatar at the same time Qatar is supporting them (Al Huthi).    


Post Blog 2

Iran’s influence in Iraq from 2003

The truth behind the war between Iraq and Iran


  • The intervention in Iraq made a huge opportunity for Iran to step in and spread the faith of Sheis practices among Arab and Muslim states throw Iraq. Moreover, Iraq was a bitter enemy to Iran for many years, after the intervention, Iran used their groups inside Iraq to influence the government and public. On the other hand, the Iranian leader Kumaini began a large media campaign to export the Islamic revolution to neighbor countries such as Iraq and Gulf states to overthrow their regimes.


  • The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 provided a huge opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to change or transform its relationship with Iraq. Iran used its relations with the Iraqi politicians and armed groups to influence the government. Further, Iran tried to influence Iraqi’s policies by working with Shies and Kurds groups to create a weak federal state and accept the Iranian influence. Although Iran has encouraged its Iraqi political allies since 2003 to work with the United States,  Iran still training and funding the shies militias groups to defeat the United States military and keep them out of the field. Economically, Iran benefited its self by trading with Iraq and reports showed that the trade between Iran and Iraq amounted to 7 billion dollars in just one year which is 2009. Finally, Iran still waiting the withdraw of the US military from Iraq to expand the influence and the opportunities in Iraq. Moreover, the militias in Iraq are supporting the currently Iranian regime Kameni which is Al Hashd Al Shabi. Every country has its own military except Iraq, the government of Iraq established a group of people called Al Hashd Al Shabi and its supported and ruled by Iran. Hashd Shabi is a combination between military and people from public and most of them are shies that get chosen by Iran and they are killing a lot of innocent people without mercy. Last year, this terrorist group intervened the city of Mousil the largest Sunnis land in Iraq in order to fight Isis, but that was a lie because they killed a lot of civilians. According to UN, more than 300 thousand people escaped from Mousil. Al Hashd Al Shabi has committed a lot of crimes in Iraq especially Mousil and the UN still undecided whether to call them terrorist or not.

Blog Post #1: Iranian Revolution

Iranian Revolution from 1979-1988

The history of Ayat Allah Kumaini

  • Summary:
  • The economic changes adopted by Redha Shah Bahlawi when the country was monarchy had a negative impact on social groups. The political groups and the loss of public freedoms are the reasons of the Iranian revolution. However, Ayat Allah Kumaini was the religious leader who was out of the country before 1979 is the main reason of the end of the monarchy system.


    • Speaking of the Social and political factor, Iran was a monarchy system before 1979 and ruled by Shah Redha Bahlwai. At the time, the monarchy system by Shah Redha Bahlawi has conquered the political groups and freedom of speech among the public. Shah Redha Bahlawi was accused of stealing more than 31 billion dollars, and his family had an economic projects and private banks. This corruption had led to a huge revolution in Iran by the public and supported by the religious leaders such as Kumauni. In 1979 Kumauni flies from France and took over the system or the regime. From 1979, Kumauni starts spreading the plans of converting the Arab and Muslim states from Sunnis into Shias which is today the most debatable issue in terms who is true Muslim. Kumauni starts establishing the militias among the Arab states like Hezb Allah in Lebanon, Hashad shabi in Iraq after 2003 and Huthis in Yemen. These militias get aid money and support from the Iranian regime since then. Currently, the religious radical leader Kamani is still supporting the militias in Arab and Muslim states. Further, the Iranian regime has militias in Africa too and they all against their governments and killing people of the name of Allah (God) and to the fulfill the regime’s plan. These militias are terrorists according to the United Nations of the security council. On the other hand, the religious radical leader Ayat Allah Kumaini considered one of the largest religious leaders also has the absolute religious authority over all shies as deputy to Imam Mahdi. Kumaini claimed that he is Persian, but the truth his grandparents are Indian. In my opinion, shies public today still believing that Ayat Allah Kumaini came from the same family as prophet Mohammed which is Al Hashmi and this is a big lie.




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