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# Khamenei calls for support the people of Bahrain and Yemen.

  • Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei, said on Monday, during Eid al-Fitr prayers sermon, he said that Yemen and Bahrain issues are a big wound in the body of the Islamic world, as he put it, calling for support Islamic people, which he described as the oppressed.


# Rohani to Tamim: We stand by Qatar and economic relations must be developed.

  • Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said in a telephone conversation with Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad on Sunday that Iran stands by Qatar, which he described as a “brotherly nation”, stressing the need to strengthen relations between the two countries and develop economic cooperation.



It is funny that Kummauni saying that the Islamic states are suffering especially in Bahrain and Yemen, not knowing that Iran is behind all the troubles in the Middle East. If Kummani is telling the truth, why Iranian government still suppressing the Arab region of Al-Ahwaz in Iran. Iranian media hides the suppression of Al-Ahwaz all times. At the same time, they fund and support the terrorism. The Iranian government is killing and arresting Ahwazi people almost every day because they are Arab’s and Sunnis. No one says nothing on the media and this is the terrible situation. In these days, 68 Iranian parliamentarians warned the president of Iran Rohani of the daily life of Arab Ahwaz. No one denies the terrible humanitarian, social and political situation of the people of Ahwaz in Southern Iran. Too Iranian government is hiding the facts, the president of Iran is claiming that Iran will stand by Qatar no matter what and this is predictable because Iran has a gold opportunity to enter the Gulf states through Qatar since Iran has defeated in Bahrain and Yemen and they need a third opportunity. In my opinion, Qatar knows that Iran supports them to overcome Saudi Arabia. Also, Iran supports Qatar to defeat the Gulf cooperation and establish an Iranian base. Politically, Iran always claiming that they control four Arab capitals and they still want more and Qatar in the way if they keep stubborn. The Iranian government dreams to bring back the Persian Empire and that is why they gave up its citizens to fulfill this dream. Today, more than 11 million citizens live in poverty because of the illegal actions of the government towards terrorism.

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