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# Turkish Foreign Minister will visit Saudi Arabia on Friday .. He confirms: Qatar did not align with Iran, but stood by Saudi Arabia


  • Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said on Thursday that Qatar had not aligned with Iran and that it had supported Saudi Arabia in Yemen in its overall comment on the crisis of severing Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt with Qatar, speaking from Kuwait.



  • After the US statements issued by the US Secretary of State, which called on the Gulf countries to ease the siege on Qatar, and said that the United States expects the Gulf countries to take immediate steps to calm the situation in the region, Turkish President Erdogan responded to US statements, saying “US Secretary of State called for easing the siege On Qatar and I demand that it be lifted completely”.


  • Reflection:

Turkey stepped in for Qatar as a defender, and this quick response from Turkey makes many question marks in politics. Turkey said that Qatar never team up with Iran, but instead Qatar teamed up with Gulf states. I believe the reason behind Turkey’s intervention with Qatar is the Muslims Brotherhood. The Turkey president supports Brotherhood, and some countries would say that the president of Turkey is from the Muslims Brotherhood. The Turkey President Erdogan said Qatar stood up with Saudi Arabia against the terrorist groups (Al Huthi) in Yemen, and this is correct. But, Turkey might not be knowing that Qatar is fighting with Saudi Arabia and at the same time, they support Al Huthi. Another reason why Turkey stood up with Qatar because, in my opinion, Qatar is sheltering the Muslims Brotherhood leader from Eygpt Al-Qaradawi for many years. Moreover, Turkey is trying to calm the situation in Gulf countries and this is very important for Turkey because of the benefits Turkey get from Gulf states. In addition, Iranian foreign minister visited Turkey and both countries agreed that they are against the siege. The funny thing in this situation is the Qatari channels especially Al Jazeera which is the strongest channel news in the Middle East kept showing that Gulf states siege Qatar and this is wrong. Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain shut down their borders with Qatar and there is a difference between siege and shut down. If Gulf states siege Qatar, that means there is no food supplies will enter Qatar without the permission of Gulf states. Finally, Qatar can get everything they need, but not throw the borders of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.



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