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# Al Huthi militia holds more than 200 trucks of aid food from WFP in Yemen.


The Houthi militias and the “deposed” forces detained humanitarian and relief convoys of the World Food Program in Yemen. These convoys included 200 trucks carrying relief supplies for 12 districts in Taiz district.

# Iran prepared the Houthi coup and confirmed Tehran’s willingness to pay salaries


Four days before the constitutional declaration issued by the Huthis, a number of Iranians arrived in Yemeni territory to provide logistical and political support to the rebel group in its coup against legitimacy in Yemen.


Al Huthi Militia is a terrorist group in Yemen who wants to overthrow the legitimacy government. This group gets support from Iran since the beginning. Unfortunately, they stopped and took the aid food from the World Food Program. I believe Al Huthi did that to make the legitimacy government fulfill their orders. Also, I believe they did that to swap the food with weapons and ammunitions with the citizens or to sell the food. In my opinion, Al Huthi is close to their end because they are doing a lot of things randomly or without thinking about the consequences. The Gulf coalition is still fighting Al Huthis in Yemen, and they are close to winning and all it needs just time because Al Huthi ran out of money and weapons since the Gulf coalition shut down the Airspace and borders so Iran cannot support Al Huthi. On the other hand, Iranian members arrived in Yemen to support Al Huthi politically and financially. This is a random action since Iran supports many terrorist groups. In my humble perspective, Iran is playing Al Huthi because they are saying we will pay the salaries and this is a big lie because Iran has stolen the money from the central bank of Yemen throw their Yemeni employees who support Al Huthi and the Yemeni rebels thought that Iran is paying from its bucket.



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