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Four reasons behind the tension of Qatar’s relations with its neighbors


The tension between Qatar and its neighbors Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain as well as Egypt, has reached to another level. The Gulf states closed their borders and airspace to all Qatari transport.

Qatar supports the extremist groups in Yemen


The Yemeni government has cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar following the clarification of Doha’s practices and dealing with the militias and support the extremist groups in Yemen.


Qatar has protected and supported many terrorist groups as well as the Muslims Brotherhood. Qatar has been supporting the extremist groups since 1995. I grew up watching and listening to the news back home of the intervention of Qatar in many countries throw out their groups. Unfortunately, Qatar has been playing its neighbors for many years to control or trying to be the future leader of Gulf states and this is not going to happen. The Gulf states know every step that Qatar did, but they were patient. Saudi Arabia has confronted Qatar many times of their illegal actions, but they continue supporting their groups and at the same time acting innocent front of its neighbors. In less than a month, the Qatari leader Tamim criticized the American actions towards Iran. moreover, the Saudi government accused Qatar of supporting their terrorist groups in Qatif which is the city in the east of Saudi Arabia. In my opinion, Qatar behinds the revolution in Egypt because they are allies with Muslim Brotherhood. Further, Libya is frustrated because of the terrorist groups that get the support from Qatar financially and makes Libya live in chaos. The neighbor of Gulf states Yemen has the same chaos, and the weird thing is Gulf states are fighting the terrorist groups with Qatar at the same time Qatar is supporting them (Al Huthi).    


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