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Iran’s influence in Iraq from 2003

The truth behind the war between Iraq and Iran


  • The intervention in Iraq made a huge opportunity for Iran to step in and spread the faith of Sheis practices among Arab and Muslim states throw Iraq. Moreover, Iraq was a bitter enemy to Iran for many years, after the intervention, Iran used their groups inside Iraq to influence the government and public. On the other hand, the Iranian leader Kumaini began a large media campaign to export the Islamic revolution to neighbor countries such as Iraq and Gulf states to overthrow their regimes.


  • The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 provided a huge opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to change or transform its relationship with Iraq. Iran used its relations with the Iraqi politicians and armed groups to influence the government. Further, Iran tried to influence Iraqi’s policies by working with Shies and Kurds groups to create a weak federal state and accept the Iranian influence. Although Iran has encouraged its Iraqi political allies since 2003 to work with the United States,  Iran still training and funding the shies militias groups to defeat the United States military and keep them out of the field. Economically, Iran benefited its self by trading with Iraq and reports showed that the trade between Iran and Iraq amounted to 7 billion dollars in just one year which is 2009. Finally, Iran still waiting the withdraw of the US military from Iraq to expand the influence and the opportunities in Iraq. Moreover, the militias in Iraq are supporting the currently Iranian regime Kameni which is Al Hashd Al Shabi. Every country has its own military except Iraq, the government of Iraq established a group of people called Al Hashd Al Shabi and its supported and ruled by Iran. Hashd Shabi is a combination between military and people from public and most of them are shies that get chosen by Iran and they are killing a lot of innocent people without mercy. Last year, this terrorist group intervened the city of Mousil the largest Sunnis land in Iraq in order to fight Isis, but that was a lie because they killed a lot of civilians. According to UN, more than 300 thousand people escaped from Mousil. Al Hashd Al Shabi has committed a lot of crimes in Iraq especially Mousil and the UN still undecided whether to call them terrorist or not.

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