Blog Post #1: Iranian Revolution

Iranian Revolution from 1979-1988

The history of Ayat Allah Kumaini

  • Summary:
  • The economic changes adopted by Redha Shah Bahlawi when the country was monarchy had a negative impact on social groups. The political groups and the loss of public freedoms are the reasons of the Iranian revolution. However, Ayat Allah Kumaini was the religious leader who was out of the country before 1979 is the main reason of the end of the monarchy system.


    • Speaking of the Social and political factor, Iran was a monarchy system before 1979 and ruled by Shah Redha Bahlwai. At the time, the monarchy system by Shah Redha Bahlawi has conquered the political groups and freedom of speech among the public. Shah Redha Bahlawi was accused of stealing more than 31 billion dollars, and his family had an economic projects and private banks. This corruption had led to a huge revolution in Iran by the public and supported by the religious leaders such as Kumauni. In 1979 Kumauni flies from France and took over the system or the regime. From 1979, Kumauni starts spreading the plans of converting the Arab and Muslim states from Sunnis into Shias which is today the most debatable issue in terms who is true Muslim. Kumauni starts establishing the militias among the Arab states like Hezb Allah in Lebanon, Hashad shabi in Iraq after 2003 and Huthis in Yemen. These militias get aid money and support from the Iranian regime since then. Currently, the religious radical leader Kamani is still supporting the militias in Arab and Muslim states. Further, the Iranian regime has militias in Africa too and they all against their governments and killing people of the name of Allah (God) and to the fulfill the regime’s plan. These militias are terrorists according to the United Nations of the security council. On the other hand, the religious radical leader Ayat Allah Kumaini considered one of the largest religious leaders also has the absolute religious authority over all shies as deputy to Imam Mahdi. Kumaini claimed that he is Persian, but the truth his grandparents are Indian. In my opinion, shies public today still believing that Ayat Allah Kumaini came from the same family as prophet Mohammed which is Al Hashmi and this is a big lie.




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