Capstone in Chile!

(Photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon) 28 students from St. Edward’s University, accompanied by faculty members Susan Loughran, Michelle Richt [...]
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Cynthia Gurrola: “Pagaré con mi vida, la lealtad del pueblo…”

‘‘Pagaré con mi vida, la lealtad del pueblo..  La patria esta erida pero no vencida.”  “I will pay with my life t [...]
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Qianming Wang: On the Way to Reach Human Rights

Although I acknowledged that we are going to visit the memorial museum, called “Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos” in Spanish, [...]
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Beatrice Guerrero: Let’s Talk About Energy

The first day I arrived to Valparaiso, my host mother and I were drenched by the first rains of the winter season. As soon as we entered the [...]
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Rita Kelly: Graffiti in Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar

In the United States citizens often see graffiti as a nuisance, as something that takes away from the beauty of their city, but in Chile it [...]
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Tara Garvey: Education in Chile

While being here in Chile, one thing that has really stood out to me is how radical and politically active the people are. Movements such as [...]
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Amanda West: An Experience of a Lifetime

When I was preparing for our trip to Valparaiso, Chile for a short month-long study abroad I was thinking of myself. How much fun I was goin [...]
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Rebekah Morton: Empowerment

For the last few weeks, I’ve been in Valparaiso, Chile, working with students at the Escuela Uruguay, a primary school for “at-r [...]
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Mackenzie Medlin: The Unfiltered Postcard

In the weeks leading up to my departure for Chile, I found myself looking up pictures of Vina Del Mar and Valparaiso. I scanned through the [...]
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Madeline Hatcher: Escuela República del Uruguay

Before taking this class, I knew very little about Chile. From our literacy circles and class discussions, I am now becoming more familiar w [...]
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Shadia Omar: Women Unbound

Before I embarked on my adventure to Chile, our professor gathered us and asked us a couple of questions that mentally provoked some thought [...]
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