Blog 7: Stedmen

In my final blog post I will talking about the book Faithiest by Chris Stedmen, and how he uses the theme of identity. Like the other authors to choose from Stedman brings up this idea of identity I believe in an effort to relate to people who might see life from his point of view. Throughout his novel, readers can see this theme of identity when he describes the struggles he faced while growing up in life. For example, “Not a real atheist. I’d heard words like that before— in my youth, when I was told I couldn’t be a real Christian because I was gay. Once again I didn’t fit the prescribed model, and I was not-so-gently shown the door.” Here he is told yet again that he is not welcomed to the group he identifies with causing him to question in himself where does he belong. Another example of this theme is also seen when explains how he lost faith gradually and changed his identity, “The conclusion of my Christian faith was a gradual process; it was something that happened in increments as a result of careful thought and investigation.” With these quotes he can show to people his own identity with what he sees himself as, and the negative attitudes he faced will trying to find his own identity. I feel through this he tries to relate with people who feel the exact same way of trying out who they are and may be lost. Possibly trying to show them that in the end it doesn’t matter who you think you are, but the enjoyment you get from the people around you. In terms of literary devices the entire book is perspective since it comes from the view of Stedman. The book being a memoir is a powerful lit device that helps put strong emotions behind the theme of identity and they fact that when people focus on commonalities instead of differences the world turn in the right direction.

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