The Best Rainy Day Dog Aftercare Walking Essentials

There are 2 essentials to rainy day walking I need whenever I take Thor out to either go to the restroom or for a quick walk! Thor absolutely hates being out in the rain or even getting his paws slightly wet from wet floors. These products have tremendously helped with the after math of cleaning him!

Every now again there comes a time in a dog owners’ life where taking their dog out in the rain to use the restroom becomes a difficult and messy time. Thor hates getting wet or using the restroom out in the rain but when he must go, HE HAS TO GO! When we come back from outside Thor is a mess and I’m spending so much time trying to get him to dry off in his crate and feel terrible for putting a wet puppy in his crate to slowly dry off. Otherwise, he will try to dry off by shaking and getting everything wet and muddy. There is nothing worse than seeing your dog wipe his dirty paws on your beige couch and rubbing his back against the couch sides. Then I have to follow him everywhere he goes inside the house! It is a process for not only him but me too! Luckily, Thor is our only dog for the time being and everything is trial and error. I am grateful for these crazy learning curves because this will help my boyfriend and I be more prepared for a future puppy we eventually want to adopt!

On the bright side there are a few products that become essentials throughout this process that makes it less stressful and much cleaner in the end.

1. Micro-fiber towels

One of the many products that have helped with the clean up after math when it comes to taking Thor out after rainy walks is MICRO-FIBER TOWELS! My boyfriend is such a maniac when it comes to good quality towels that could be very multi-purpose for multiple occasions around the house. Micro-fiber towels are made from a blend of fibers that are extremely absorbent and gentle. These are more absorbent than normal towels and come in cute colors! This is the reason I use them for Thor every time we come inside and gently rub this fur with this material of cloth and soaks up the moisture from his fur. Luckily, Thor is a short haired dog to keep in mind and just needs a few pats with these and just aired dries. I can only imagine if we had a long-haired dog!

I couldn’t imagine life without micro-fiber towels and would recommend these to any dog owner!

  • My favorite micro-fiber towels are from amazon (Click the link right below):

2. Paw Cleaner

This next product was something I didn’t know what I needed until I was gifted this earlier this year! Paw cleaner is a portable cleaner used to clean your dog’s paws from muddy residue. There are silicone bristles inside to wipe off mud  and dirt from their paws to reveal noticeably cleaner paws. Thor always tend to track in dirt, mud and rocks from outside the house but using this product has helped with keeping his paws clean after rainy days. This could be used for other events such as hikes, trips swimming or even gentle for even everyday use.

The first time, we used this product with Thor he was sketched out with what we were doing with his dirty paws. It is with most things the more you use it with your dog the more your dog will be used to it. Perfect example is using the vacuum cleaner! Thor used to be terrified of the vacuum cleaner and would bark at it and use his paws to fight it! (Did I mention he is a crazy dog?) The more we used the vacuum cleaner the less he got nervous around it until one day he didn’t react to us using the vacuum cleaner! Which is amazing because I am a neat freak that loves a vacuumed house every other day (ideally every day).

This product has helped so much with making sure Thor does not bring in any dirt since especially he is a dog that we allow on our couch! In addition, from time to time our bed while my boyfriend and I are folding clothes.



  • Click below for a quick video to show how you can use this product with your dog/ dogs at home!

  • You can purchase your own paw cleaner for your pup from Amazon (Click the link right below):

Comment below what your favorite aftercare essentials are for your fur buddy!

Thank you for your time, Chelsea

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