March 29, 2020

My name is Jhomar Cuevas, i am a sophomore turning junior kinesiology major. This Virus outbreak completely upended my spring break plans and made me move out of austin very early, As an out of state student i had left Boston to experience a different place and culture for me to be rushed back home made me sad but also angry because there is so much that I wanted to do in Austin. For the online classes I will be home in Boston quarantining like a good citizen.My take on classes moving online is the school did an okay job of making the switch however it does make me worry that there is no structure for students who would be more successful with structure as I have been accustomed to in my life. The virus impacted my daily life by preventing me from seeing my old friends and family as everyone is very terrified of catching CORONA, my mother has included many different ways to disinfect and clean ourselves. I personally am not worried about catching corona as i have quarantined very well and have not seen the outside world for about a week now.  No one around me has caught the corona virus so I am not worried about anyone at this moment. The things i am doing to pass time during corona quarantine is playing video games, sleeping, eating and working out. I have not gone out so I dont know what it is like here in Lynn, Massachusetts however from the window i can see that there is not alot of people on the street.