Welcome to the Communication Portfolio Site!

This is the first page Internet users will see when loading your portfolio site, so use it wisely. This is your chance to introduce yourself, set yourself apart from others and leave not only a great first impression, but also set the tone for the rest of the portfolio. You should include some multimedia component on this page. This could be a picture of yourself or of something you feel would represent you well, a video introduction, etc. Below are some resources that will help you develop this page.

Instructions on how to complete your Communication e-portfolio.

The tab named "My Portfolio" contains all 10 learning outcomes you will need to include in your e-portfolio. Click on each of these 10 learning outcomes for a detailed description of the competencies that should be considered when developing portfolio entries for that category. The tab named "Resume" contains links to sites that should be helpful in developing your own resume. Remember, your resume should help you stand out and leave a positive impression - so put some time into developing it!

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