Graphic Design Midterm

Cole Miller


  1. I need to practice more for sure but I do have some good experience in adobe suite.
  2. My work is somewhat neat and modern I feel.
  3. I dealt well with feedback and I’m continually want more of it and harder criticism.
  4. I challenged myself fairly well but I still need to push myself further.
  5. com and @7thviews on Instagram, part-time at Favor.
  6. I’m somewhat mature you could say if not almost there.
  7. Only positive energy in this classroom from me.

Typography Midterm Essay

Cole Miller

  1. I would have to say that I need to devote more of my time to my expert hours. I’m hoping to be very proficient in most adobe programs before I graduate, and I know that’s going to take several hours of practice. I don’t have much free time, but the time that I do have, I’m going to start practicing with design and other aspects visually.
  2. I would say the sophistication of my work is definitely up there, maybe not quite in the craftsmanship of my work because I still have a lot more to learn, however I do think the concepts of my designs are well though out.
  3. I deal with feedback fairly well in my opinion. Although, I do wish that I had some more feedback in certain aspects. I also want to give other people more feedback on their design and become more interactive within the classroom.
  4. I feel as if I do not challenge myself enough and need to start doing so. I want to push myself further in this class for sure. I know how much potential I have.
  5. My other expert experiences include a clothing line that I run which I started in 2012. Along with that I also do photography street photography preferably. All of my work currently is on Instagram (@7thviews). I work for Favor delivery as well.
  6. This has no doubt been a tough semester so far and this year even, but I’m trying to make the best of it. Through this time though, I feel like I am growing a lot and becoming more of a disciplined person. However, I still have a lot to work on.
  7. I think that I bring positivity to the classroom, at least that’s what I desire. I’m fairly easy to get along with and I don’t have any problems with any other classmates.

Blog Post #6

Cole Miller



  1. My greatest strengths in Graphic Design include my visual thinking process. How I am able to generate visual ideas that apply to the problem. Also, I have a good understanding in composition and other design rules.
  2. For greater success, I need to finish incomplete projects, practicing in my expert hours, and work on generating more design variations.




  1. Spanish is one of my most difficult courses that I’m taking this semester and I don’t have much strength if any at all.
  2. To improve, I need to go to tutoring a lot more because I haven’t gone at all yet, and I also need to practice learning more of the vocabulary.




  1. I enjoy type design a lot and I think one of my strengths include a well understanding of the programs we use such as InDesign.
  2. For greater success, I should catch up on my incomplete work and attend class regularly.



  1. My strengths are having a good understanding of general history because it was one of my strongest subjects in high school.
  2. To improve, I should buy the textbook because I still haven’t or find it online, as well as study more.

Computer Skills:

  1. My computer skills include a good understanding in Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign, Lightroom, and Bridge.
  2. I still need to learn a couple other Adobe Programs and I also hope to know a little bit of coding before I graduate college.

Research & Writing Skills:

  1. Whenever I am really determined to find something through research I will look through every website page I can to try to find it. Although, I have learned about myself that I don’t always enjoy doing research, but I know that I should because of its importance.
  2. I need to work on reading more I’d have to say, I do not do much of it. Whenever I was in high school there was a point in which I was reading everyday and I felt like reading helped me process ideas much faster and I had a clearer understanding of things.






  1. I will start attending this class regularly so I do not miss out on important class information and class time.
  2. I should try to complete my work on time so that I have something to present at critic.
  3. I will try to be more of a good listener when the professor is talking because I will space out and start thinking of business ideas or selling real estate.
  4. I want to be more patient with my design process when it comes to type design.
  5. I need to come to class more prepared and more awake because it is an early class.
  6. I want to get more feedback from the professor.
  7. I should probably ask more questions when I get stuck on something.
  8. I need to focus more on the small aspects of the designs.
  9. I should get to know more classmates.
  10. I should always remember to bring my laptop charger.


Blog Post #5

variations variations2

Above are the PDF images.

Part 1

  1. The overall goal of the assignment is to effectively communicate to viewers a symbol that represents what we chose it to represent. In my case, these symbols are representative of what you’d see on a high-rise condo building. This isn’t the finished product, however these are multiple generations of what is going to be my finished symbol.
  2. I started thinking of objects that symbolize lifestyle, and urban living to reflect what the symbol is going to look like. Things like pigeons, bicycles, couches, and chairs came to my mind.

Part 2

  1. I think that the strongest aspects of these designs are the balance of negative and positive space as well as the symmetry.
  2. The weakest aspect could be that I included too much detail in some of the designs making it difficult to print/cut out.
  3. If I keep pushing these symbols even further by scaling, manipulating, combining, etc. I should be able to generate something that is conceptually better and that communicates more effectively.
  4. Technically, I need to go back and group my objects together in Illustrator so that they can be easily transferred for printing. I also should check for kinks like unclosed paths.
  5. The one that stood out the most during my critic of these symbols was the couch/pigeon one. From, there I will come up with three more iterations of that design.

Blog Post #4


Student Presentations


The Photo Girl:

I enjoyed her black & white photography the most. There was an authentic feel to most of her work that she presented. I can see why she thought of doing journalism photography and the fun part of traveling along with it. I do think it could also be a dangerous job, especially in today’s society. For example, I’ve seen several videos of Black Lives Matter protesters that attack many photographers and even reporters.


The Video Game Guys:

The video games that they made were interesting to actually see it being played live. I feel like I know many video game design majors that don’t have any tangible work to show people, just parts things. This may be because of the complexity of game design.









This website has always been interesting to me because of the boldness in color it has along with how the products are easily displayed. It’s very simple to navigate throughout the website and home page as it speaks to the viewers very clearly.

Everyone has been on the apple website. It’s a work of art in itself because of how simplistic they made everything for the viewer. The large display of the products on each page at the top make a clear statement in which the viewer gains trust in the company.

This photographer’s print shop online is a structure and format that I admire. Only a few pages so it is very easy to navigate.

This was an interesting website that I found researching. When you open it, the page moves with the mouse cursor which gives an interesting affect.

Blog Post #3

13th Witness

fullsizerender@13thwitness Untitled.

Timothy McGurr or better known as 13th Witness on Instagram, is a highly well known street photographer based out of New York City. He grew up in New York and at the age of 18, he moved to Tokyo and as a result he began documenting the culture around him so that his family back home could see. This was when he realized his natural gift for photography. Four years later, his Visa expired landing him back in New York were he began capturing the urban life.

fullsizerender-1@13thwitness Untitled. fullsizerender-2

@13thwitness Untitled.

Now, 13th Witness works alongside with many companies such as Nike, Hypebeast and Converse. He inspires my work a great amount in the photography that I do because of his unique mood and ability to capture photos in low lighting that separates him for a lot of other photographers. Not to mention, he never uses tripods, or artificial lighting in his work. He takes his photos and turns them into art through Adobe Lightroom. His only platforms for his photography have been Instagram and Tumblr. He now has over 700,000 followers. fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4@13thwitness Untitled is where he sells prints of his photography. Also, on Youtube, you can find some of the adventures he takes and you can see him first hand taking photos in the streets.


Blog Post #1

  • The main points stated in the articles claim that good business ultimately relies on craftsmanship and creativity, in which an artist is good for. Artists can reimagine and recreate new ideas with a strong vision that is important to have, yet many business oriented people lack. This could be due to lack of freedom in the workplace. However, with an artist as a guide for a business, there can be a path in which no one’s else can see other than the creator. Without passion, the business will fail.
  • Artist can learn to connect and collaborate on new levels with entrepreneurs, helping to innovate new ideas that feed off of other artists alike. Also, the importance of networking is emphasized when meeting with entrepreneurs. They can turn the artists vision into a living idea.
  • I do agree that artists are entrepreneurs, because everything that has to do with creating a business or even a business idea, has a creative process involved. You have to have a foundation of ideas and plans in which you can see ahead of it when no else can.
  • I agree with the characteristic that artist are like children. Children have an unfathomable amount of imagination and creativity that many people loose as they get older. With artist, they hold onto their creative side that has been embedded in them since a child.
  • I would add that artists have a way to tie into their emotions with art. The way we interpret the world around us is based on our emotions and feelings. If we feel strongly about a subject, for example architecture, than as an artist we will recognize and appreciate buildings and their design while others will walk by without even glancing at the structure.
  • I think that more business will begin to realize that artist are the businessmen and women that their company needs rather than someone with a business degree that lacks creativity. Everything has to be tangible and relatable to the real world and artists are experts at observing this.



  1. I have 30% more grit than other Americans, however, I do feel that I need to work on having more because of the high goals that I set for myself.
  2. Write down my plans and goals.

Be more persistent.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Work harder.

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