Wikipedia Reader – Typography I

Wiki Booklet

In creating this booklet, I learned how to correctly proportion, scale, print and cut the booklet which I have never done before. It was nice to see something that I created on the computer to something actually tangible. The process was simple, however it took time and effort when it came to the typefaces and printing. These two things were the biggest challenges I faced. Navigating through thousands of typefaces can be overwhelming. The cutting of the booklet had to be extremely precise and I had to redo the process many times in order to get the results I was intending. I chose photography because it is something I truly enjoy and have a passion for.


Extra Credit Plog Bost


All Images Untitled. Copyright Kosten.

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Here is a video of Kosten:

Cole Miller


Extra Credit Blog Post


As a photographer, one of my biggest inspirations has been Kosten. He resides in New York City and has a talent unlike anyone else. At only 18 years old, he is out capturing photos of the forgotten parts of New York. Kosten originally started off doing photography with only his iPhone. It wasn’t until a couple years later when he bought his first digital camera, a Canon 5D Mark II.

Kosten’s photography is mainly based in city at nighttime. He has been an inspiration to me ever since I began shooting photos a couple of years ago.  I really enjoy his work because it’s speaks to me more than a professional photographer that captures images that lack uniqueness and originality. Kosten has his own website where people can buy his prints and it amazes me how successful he is at such a young age. Many people over look the art industry today and seeing this gives my hope of my dreams in the field.


Graphic Design Final!

Cole Miller

December 11, 2016

Final Exam Essay

  1. I think the more practice time the better. No amount of hours can be excessive. I would say that any less than 5-10 hours a week would not be a sufficient amount of time to create sophisticated work. I could use more practice time, I’m not sure exactly what my practice hours would look like, however, and I have a feeling that they are low.
  2. Sophisticated work is work that has little to no flaws and the overall design is well thought out, and the coloring works well together. I think the layout of my design in my personal map is sophisticated because it’s meant to not represent a GPS map, but to just outline the directions of the car.
  3. Someone had mentioned to me about my decision making map that it was a little hard to follow and maybe even a little unorganized, so I cleaned up the map by grouping more things together and cleaning up the space.
  4. Planning out the map was always the most difficult part for me because it all has to make sense to viewer so you need to be thinking in their own perspective and what they would interpret if they thought of a mind map, decision map, etc.
  5. I’ve been continuing to work on my photography and clothing. I was also recently invited to display my photos in a new hotel opening in Austin, which will take place in February. I will have a table set up there selling prints. I also have been doing something urban exploring downtown. I want to start a YouTube channel of my adventures and travels. I travel often so I thought it would make it more interesting. I’ll be visiting Peru, Italy, Dubai, and India this coming year.
  6. I think that my outside life has had a negative impact on not only my work, but also my attendance. I know it may be hard to believe; I don’t every miss class like I did this semester. I have had to work a lot after recently getting into a lot of debt from tickets. Overall, I became highly unmotivated with anything I did. However, when I was in class I did enjoy seeing other student’s work and getting to hear other’s ideas.
  7. The most ideal classroom is a class with a wide-open area. Basically the class we have. I like the space in the class because I don’t like to be sitting in one place for too long or I will get anxious. I liked how we went to the meeting table before class to discuss our work.

Final Exam Essay

Cole Miller

December 11, 2016

Typography Final Exam Essay

  1. I think that I my expert hours are somewhat lacking. I feel like in my mind I’m always thinking of creative ideas, however, I’m not creating as much as I should with type. I think type is very important for designing anything despite my lack of work. I didn’t turn my work in on time, but I did complete my work, which I’ll bring to show you at the meeting.
  2. The sophistication of my work, I like to think of it as very intricate. I definitely don’t lack with the quality of my work probably because of the previous knowledge I have in Illustrator. Sophisticated work is work that is lacking imperfects or any subjects that are out of place in the design. It’s essentially the craftsmanship of it, the fine detail.
  3. I handle feedback and any kind of criticism fairly well. I’ve never had anyone remark on my work where I felt any negativity. I’m always open to what others have to say and I enjoy getting as much feedback as I can so that I can improve my work.
  4. I didn’t challenge myself very much in this class. The work was not difficult for me to do however I was always behind on doing because of my lack of interest in type.
  5. My other things I do outside of class still include my clothing I’m still working on Urban Artisan Clothing (UAC), as well as my photography on Instagram; @7thviews, that I’ve had a strong passion for. Photography is what most of my money and creative energy goes to.
  6. My social emotional control has been fair. I need to be more disciplined with my work because I do enjoy design altogether, I’ve just had several other complications that have been occupying my energy.
  7. I think that my contribution to the classroom climate has always been positive. I get along fairly well with the rest of my classmates and I have been getting to know more of them. It was interesting to see the rest of the class and the growth of designs they put out from the beginning of the semester to the end. My ideas always give some insight for new thinking.

Extra Credit Post

Cole Miller

VISU 1100

Extra Credit Blog Post #1


Jason Peterson

This is one of my all time favorite photographers and he is definitely my favorite black & white photographer. He is based in Chicago where he takes stunning urban photography that’s been inspiring me for a couple of years now. It’s been interesting to see how Jason has changed over the past 2 years that I’ve followed him on Instagram. He started off taking photos only on his iPhone, but now has moved onto shooting with Leica, drones, and more. It’s also very inspiring to watch him travel all over the world for photography that I get to see on his Instagram page as well. He continues to pursue his passion everyday and truly seems to be happy, which is what I strive for in my life as a young photographer. His amazing skills manipulating light and shadows will always amuse me.


I also included a link with a video of him:


jason-peterson-iphone-photos-8jason-peterson-iphone-photos-6 jason-peterson-iphone-photos-11 jason-peterson-iphone-photos-30

Blog Post #11

Cole Miller

VISU 1100

Blog Post #11


Part 1:


Bill- I really enjoy how the amount of time he spends on just one image is so extensive. A lot of the beauty of his work comes from the process. The broken down images look abstracted and have a strong saturation to them that I like.


Hollis- I liked how her work had a dark side to it. It makes you stop and look longer at the images and it really appeals to your emotions. The tornados of trash really create an interesting sight with an underlining message.


Faculty #3- I enjoyed the 3D pieces that she created.


Faculty #4- She had very simple, minimalistic drawings and patterns. They almost seemed like markings. They all have a rhythm to them, which I enjoy.


Faculty #5- He took really interesting photographs of cattle and rancher families in west Texas. The black and white photos stood out to me and gave me a sense of what that time would be like living in a rural area. You can see it in the people’s face that he photographs their mood and character. I am more of a city person, however,


Part 2:


My five-year plan:

For the next 2 years I will be still enrolled at St. Edward’s and I have a list of goals that I would like to accomplish before I graduate college. I would like to know how to code a little before graduating as well as having a good understanding the programs I will be using as a graphic designer. By next year, I want to have an internship, possibly at IBM or another company. I also want to keep expanding my photography work that I do on the side. In the long term, I want to be a successful graphic designer and a designer in general that works with all kinds of mediums. I want to one day run a successful clothing line while owning my own company. To accomplish these goals, I need to make better use of my time, work hard, and not lose sight of my goals. I want to keep my grades up and I want to take away as many skills as I can from my college experience.


Blog Post #10

I really enjoyed the visitors and it was interesting to see real-life work being put into action by their company. They create app games similar to Clash of Clans. These are highly competitive games that most people that play them invest a lot of their time into it. As repeated, we were told the importance of every aspect of the game to the player. Even the fine details matter in a game like that. The young guy was formerly a programmer before he became a designer in which he helps with the creative process through drawing and storytelling throughout the game. The young lady was an conceptual artist the draws up ideas of what a character might look like or the beginning sketch of it. She plays an important role in generating ideas and modeling characters. The main, older guy was the one to oversee everything and collect data, etc. He basically is the creative director behind all of the designing and gaming. I learned from their presentations how much really goes into making video games and the amount of creative people it takes to put together a game. It’s crazy to see that firsthand.

Blog Post #9

Cole Miller

Visual Seminar:

Mike Lankes


Part 1

I thought that Mike Lankes’ photography is very stunning even to me, which I wasn’t expecting, because I am not usually a fan of portrait photography. I do photography as well, but mainly of architecture and events. I feel like in today’s world, it’s especially hard to stand out as a portrait photographer because it’s hard to differentiate one’s own style from another. However, I think his work does stand out; it’s just not the style I would go for.

Part 2