Final Exam Essay

Cole Miller

December 11, 2016

Typography Final Exam Essay

  1. I think that I my expert hours are somewhat lacking. I feel like in my mind I’m always thinking of creative ideas, however, I’m not creating as much as I should with type. I think type is very important for designing anything despite my lack of work. I didn’t turn my work in on time, but I did complete my work, which I’ll bring to show you at the meeting.
  2. The sophistication of my work, I like to think of it as very intricate. I definitely don’t lack with the quality of my work probably because of the previous knowledge I have in Illustrator. Sophisticated work is work that is lacking imperfects or any subjects that are out of place in the design. It’s essentially the craftsmanship of it, the fine detail.
  3. I handle feedback and any kind of criticism fairly well. I’ve never had anyone remark on my work where I felt any negativity. I’m always open to what others have to say and I enjoy getting as much feedback as I can so that I can improve my work.
  4. I didn’t challenge myself very much in this class. The work was not difficult for me to do however I was always behind on doing because of my lack of interest in type.
  5. My other things I do outside of class still include my clothing I’m still working on Urban Artisan Clothing (UAC), as well as my photography on Instagram; @7thviews, that I’ve had a strong passion for. Photography is what most of my money and creative energy goes to.
  6. My social emotional control has been fair. I need to be more disciplined with my work because I do enjoy design altogether, I’ve just had several other complications that have been occupying my energy.
  7. I think that my contribution to the classroom climate has always been positive. I get along fairly well with the rest of my classmates and I have been getting to know more of them. It was interesting to see the rest of the class and the growth of designs they put out from the beginning of the semester to the end. My ideas always give some insight for new thinking.

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