Blog Post #11

Cole Miller

VISU 1100

Blog Post #11


Part 1:


Bill- I really enjoy how the amount of time he spends on just one image is so extensive. A lot of the beauty of his work comes from the process. The broken down images look abstracted and have a strong saturation to them that I like.


Hollis- I liked how her work had a dark side to it. It makes you stop and look longer at the images and it really appeals to your emotions. The tornados of trash really create an interesting sight with an underlining message.


Faculty #3- I enjoyed the 3D pieces that she created.


Faculty #4- She had very simple, minimalistic drawings and patterns. They almost seemed like markings. They all have a rhythm to them, which I enjoy.


Faculty #5- He took really interesting photographs of cattle and rancher families in west Texas. The black and white photos stood out to me and gave me a sense of what that time would be like living in a rural area. You can see it in the people’s face that he photographs their mood and character. I am more of a city person, however,


Part 2:


My five-year plan:

For the next 2 years I will be still enrolled at St. Edward’s and I have a list of goals that I would like to accomplish before I graduate college. I would like to know how to code a little before graduating as well as having a good understanding the programs I will be using as a graphic designer. By next year, I want to have an internship, possibly at IBM or another company. I also want to keep expanding my photography work that I do on the side. In the long term, I want to be a successful graphic designer and a designer in general that works with all kinds of mediums. I want to one day run a successful clothing line while owning my own company. To accomplish these goals, I need to make better use of my time, work hard, and not lose sight of my goals. I want to keep my grades up and I want to take away as many skills as I can from my college experience.


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