Blog Post #10

I really enjoyed the visitors and it was interesting to see real-life work being put into action by their company. They create app games similar to Clash of Clans. These are highly competitive games that most people that play them invest a lot of their time into it. As repeated, we were told the importance of every aspect of the game to the player. Even the fine details matter in a game like that. The young guy was formerly a programmer before he became a designer in which he helps with the creative process through drawing and storytelling throughout the game. The young lady was an conceptual artist the draws up ideas of what a character might look like or the beginning sketch of it. She plays an important role in generating ideas and modeling characters. The main, older guy was the one to oversee everything and collect data, etc. He basically is the creative director behind all of the designing and gaming. I learned from their presentations how much really goes into making video games and the amount of creative people it takes to put together a game. It’s crazy to see that firsthand.

Blog Post #9

Cole Miller

Visual Seminar:

Mike Lankes


Part 1

I thought that Mike Lankes’ photography is very stunning even to me, which I wasn’t expecting, because I am not usually a fan of portrait photography. I do photography as well, but mainly of architecture and events. I feel like in today’s world, it’s especially hard to stand out as a portrait photographer because it’s hard to differentiate one’s own style from another. However, I think his work does stand out; it’s just not the style I would go for.

Part 2