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13th Witness

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Timothy McGurr or better known as 13th Witness on Instagram, is a highly well known street photographer based out of New York City. He grew up in New York and at the age of 18, he moved to Tokyo and as a result he began documenting the culture around him so that his family back home could see. This was when he realized his natural gift for photography. Four years later, his Visa expired landing him back in New York were he began capturing the urban life.

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Now, 13th Witness works alongside with many companies such as Nike, Hypebeast and Converse. He inspires my work a great amount in the photography that I do because of his unique mood and ability to capture photos in low lighting that separates him for a lot of other photographers. Not to mention, he never uses tripods, or artificial lighting in his work. He takes his photos and turns them into art through Adobe Lightroom. His only platforms for his photography have been Instagram and Tumblr. He now has over 700,000 followers. fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4@13thwitness Untitled is where he sells prints of his photography. Also, on Youtube, you can find some of the adventures he takes and you can see him first hand taking photos in the streets.


Blog Post #1

  • The main points stated in the articles claim that good business ultimately relies on craftsmanship and creativity, in which an artist is good for. Artists can reimagine and recreate new ideas with a strong vision that is important to have, yet many business oriented people lack. This could be due to lack of freedom in the workplace. However, with an artist as a guide for a business, there can be a path in which no one’s else can see other than the creator. Without passion, the business will fail.
  • Artist can learn to connect and collaborate on new levels with entrepreneurs, helping to innovate new ideas that feed off of other artists alike. Also, the importance of networking is emphasized when meeting with entrepreneurs. They can turn the artists vision into a living idea.
  • I do agree that artists are entrepreneurs, because everything that has to do with creating a business or even a business idea, has a creative process involved. You have to have a foundation of ideas and plans in which you can see ahead of it when no else can.
  • I agree with the characteristic that artist are like children. Children have an unfathomable amount of imagination and creativity that many people loose as they get older. With artist, they hold onto their creative side that has been embedded in them since a child.
  • I would add that artists have a way to tie into their emotions with art. The way we interpret the world around us is based on our emotions and feelings. If we feel strongly about a subject, for example architecture, than as an artist we will recognize and appreciate buildings and their design while others will walk by without even glancing at the structure.
  • I think that more business will begin to realize that artist are the businessmen and women that their company needs rather than someone with a business degree that lacks creativity. Everything has to be tangible and relatable to the real world and artists are experts at observing this.



  1. I have 30% more grit than other Americans, however, I do feel that I need to work on having more because of the high goals that I set for myself.
  2. Write down my plans and goals.

Be more persistent.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Work harder.

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