Carla Martinez Mendez

I’m a minute into this video, and I have no idea what Amy is talking about. I don’t think that we are necessarily “born with” the talents and ideals that we have as we grow older. Becoming good at something, takes time and practice. You cannot pick up a paintbrush for the first time and expect to create a masterpiece. I feel like everybody is creative in one way or another. Whether it be creating new music, or sketching out a landscape, we all tend to enjoy the feeling of going out of the “norm” and creating something interesting. Also, I feel as though we tend to over-analyze our art. Especially with how the world is now, we’re afraid of criticism or “not being good enough.” If we just let loose a little bit, then I feel as though our art would be more free and genuine. Sometimes mistakes turn into amazing things. It’s just up to us to take that risk.

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