Carla Martinez Mendez

After watching “Stellar” a couple of times, I felt anxious and odd. What I was feeling couldn’t necessarily be expressed in words. The silence made me pay attention to the details even more than I would if there was audio playing along with the imagery. I took what I saw and interpreted it as something negative, as if this is a visual representation of what being nervous looks like. After the third time of watching it, I started to see faces. I imaged the bright specks of light that would move around at a rapid pace as eyes, and the different color variations as skin tones. I would give this video audio that makes the viewer feel lonely or afraid, because that’s what the video makes you feel as is. It’s interesting how at the end of the video, Stan Brakhage refers to Sam Bush as a “visual musician.” When we see art, we don’t really consider the creator as a “musician.” However, any form of art tells a story, just as music does.

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