Creativity and Making: Pink

Carla E. Martinez Mendez

Professor Robinson

Visual Studies I 1311


I enjoy living in a “conceptual age.” Because as a creative human being, I get to explore different media and ways to effectively express my emotions and the messages that I want to share with the world. The world is constantly evolving, especially with technology, and there’s nothing that we can really do about it. A couple of years ago, I had watched a video that was about the American school system, and how in reality, millions of kids, teenagers, and young adults are constantly constrained in terms of creative thinking and expression. Unless you’re in an art class, you never really get to explore your interests, and get stuck in the abyss of your core academic classes such as Algebra I or U.S. History. The video raised the question: “What would happen if we let our children spend more time on creative expression through music, art, etc. instead of math and science?” I believe that those children would grow up with a different mentality. One that’s more open-minded, and that they would be less afraid to put their art out there for the world to see.
I’m excited to see that the art business is expanding more rapidly than ever. Sure enough, even with the first week of school being over, I know how tough it is to make it in the art industry – to get a career out of it. However, that clearly isn’t stopping anybody, now is it? I’ve been interested in art ever since I was a little girl. Being able to visually please others brings me joy, it’s a platform I can use to make a change back home.
Growing up, I also did not enjoy taking tests. They made me stressed, anxious and disappointed if I ever did badly on them. It’s interesting that (as mentioned in the article) one’s IQ is truly insignificant when measuring someone’s success. If you were to tell that to a group of kids in elementary school, maybe they wouldn’t worry so much about the standardized tests that are created to pave the way to either a successful or average life. If someone has high-concept and high-touch qualities, they are automatically more fun and interesting for me to be around. Creative people, as part of the “creative class,” serve a huge role in shaping our society today. Without them, we would go back to being outdated.

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