Creativity and Making: Harra

Carla E. Martinez Mendez

Professor Robinson

Visual Studies I 1311

Mankind has been creative ever since the beginning of time. The fact that for millions of years, we continue to evolve and discover new ways of living our lives. Growing up, I’ve always paid attention to detail. Whether that be in a painting, film or textbook, more complex things interest me a lot more than simple ones. It’s ironic, because while intricacy does interest me, so do things that are more modern – more simplistic. I don’t think that they’re boring, but sometimes it’s not necessary to add so much that you can’t appreciate the beauty of a design, in whatever form it may be in. Of course, it does make sense for different counties around the world to build such elaborate decorations as a symbol of power or intelligence. The more time and effort put into something, the more it’s looked at and thought of.
If I were to consider myself a designer, I wouldn’t want my potential career to be taken away by a machine. The Industrial Revolution (along with making our lives a little easier) also took a lot of opportunities for men and women (eventually) to earn their wages and support their families. And while I do enjoy browsing the internet and online shopping, we need to think about where the line should be drawn when it comes to machinery in the workforce. Will it just lead to humans becoming more and more lazy? Only time will tell. I enjoy knowing that I earned my money, and that my time and effort wasn’t wasted. A machine could only do the same job as me if I let it.
Design is so intertwined with many of our lives that, if we don’t see some sort of visual along with a piece of text, or a design on a website, we’re automatically disinterested. This is why the art industry was and continues to be one of the most difficult careers to have. Not only is it competitive, but you need to prove to your client(s) why they should choose you to help them make their visions come true, instead of someone else. Design will always be an integral part of the economy. If a company wants to sell a product or promote something, they look for designers who can assure that consumers are interested in that product. Whether it be through bright colors or fun illustrations, consumers are easily persuaded. I’m excited to explore the different media in which design can be created.

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