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Blog Entry #10


Article 1: Seeds sown in Middle East for the next revolution by The Washington Times Article 2: Digital Uprising: The Internet Revolution in the Middle East  by The Tailor & Francis Online   After the Tunisia’s Twitter revolution and the social media-fueled protests in Egypt that toppled both their presidents, the social media revolution had started to spread […]

Blog Entry #9


Article 1: Benghazi assassinations stun residents amid Libya’s turmoil  By: The Washington Post Article 2: Spring Awakening; How an Egyptian Revolution Began on Facebook By: The New York Times Before U.S. had become involved in the revolution, many western news media had portrayed the revolution as something extraordinary, revitalizing, and something that was long due. While many news media […]

Blog Entry #8


Article 1: Journalist addresses Western media bias against Middle East by The Daily Orange Article 2: Western media fraud in the Middle East by Nir Rosen on Aljazeera In article one, the editor of Daily Star, Khouri said Western media’s shortcomings consist of biased coverage of Iran, Israeli favoritism by the American media in the Arab-Israeli conflict and a […]

Blog Entry #7


Article 1: ‘They would torture you’: ISIS prisoners reveal life inside terror group by Ivan Watson of CNN Article 2:  ISIS after al-Baghdadi: What happens if the terror leader is killed? by Holly Yan and Brian Todd of CNN In article one, the author goes inside of the life of ISIS prisoners. The interviews are conducted in the […]

Blog Entry #6


Article 1: VOICES: Inhumanity and the Moral Limit in Syria by Laura Boustani Article 2: Syria: Mapping the conflict by BBC News In the article by Boustani, she begins with giving background of the brutal childhood she had in Lebanon because of the war between Lebanon and Syria and the damage that was caused by the Syrian regime. She […]

Blog Entry #5


Article 1: Egypt: Passive Aggression and Counter-revolution: Voters, Youth Stay Home by Juan Cole of Informed Comment Article 2: Islamic State: Egyptian militants pledge loyalty by BBC News.  For this blog, I looked at two articles, one by a private blogger expressing his thoughts on Arab Spring and the second one by an established news media, BBC News. In […]

Blog Entry #4


Article 1: ISIS closes in on Kurdish town in Syria; Turkey debates sending troops by Chelsea J. Carter, Gul Tuysuz and Ben Wedeman, CNN Article 2: Iran’s President calls airstrikes on ISIS ‘theater,’ says broader campaign needed by Mick Krever, CNN In the first article, the authors talk about Turkey’s consideration of joining the war against ISIS. Turkish soldiers and tanks took up position along the […]

Blog Entry #3


Article 1: Egyptian students begin new revolutionary year by Dr. Walaa Ramadan Article 2: Ruthless pragmatism has triumphed over the people’s revolutions by Nabila Ramdani In this blog entry, I looked into two articles by Middle East Monitor. These articles were written by students and advocates of Middle East. In the first article, Dr. Ramadan talks about the […]

Blog Entry #2


In this blog post, I will be talking about the following articles: 1) I want to cleanse Libya of Muslim Brotherhood: Haftar by Ahram Online; and 2) Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood condemns Sinai attacks by Maggie Fick of Reuters In the first article, a retired Libyan general, Khalifa Haftar, states that he wants to get rid of Muslim Brotherhood […]

Blog Entry #1


The two articles I posted on Diigo this week were, “Benghazi Assassinations Stun Residents Amid Libya’s Turmoil” by Erin Cunningham of The Washington Post and “Kurds call on ‘all Middle East’ to help defend stronghold from Isis” by The Guardian.  The reason I chose these two articles were to see how the western world views the history […]

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