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Article 1: Seeds sown in Middle East for the next revolution by The Washington Times

Article 2: Digital Uprising: The Internet Revolution in the Middle East  by The Tailor & Francis Online


After the Tunisia’s Twitter revolution and the social media-fueled protests in Egypt that toppled both their presidents, the social media revolution had started to spread to other areas of North Africa and the Middle East. Who could have imagined the speed and depth of the popular uprisings ignited by anti-government sentiment reaching such heights? We have seen protests where there are rock- and stone-throwing youths, but did we ever imagine words on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube mobilizing the masses and building  such worldwide support and forcing old men to step down? The revolutions of Egypt and Tunisia had spread to at least 10 countries in which Facebook posts and tweets have organized protestors across North Africa and the Middle East. As many have said already, this is the formula of the next revolution. Beyond Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, there will be further riots, reactionary violence, and struggle to get basic human and civil rights, but what emerges from it may be something greater and something that will definitely be written among pages of history.



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