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Article 1: Journalist addresses Western media bias against Middle East by The Daily Orange

Article 2: Western media fraud in the Middle East by Nir Rosen on Aljazeera

In article one, the editor of Daily Star, Khouri said Western media’s shortcomings consist of biased coverage of Iran, Israeli favoritism by the American media in the Arab-Israeli conflict and a spotlight on military conflicts with little political context. He goes on to say, “he way the American mainstream media covers Iran is professionally criminal.” Khouri said he disagrees with the way the American media target Iran, presenting fearful stories about weapons of mass destruction. He gives a warning that the United States could repeat the Iraq war if this pattern continues. The article goes onto talk about how most people believe the western media and will think that Iran is in fact a country to fear, and Khouri and students of Khouri goes onto say that the western portrayal of Iran is untrue.

Similarly, the second article, Rosen goes onto talk about how western media portrays news for its own interest. He states, “the American media has been obsessed with Islamists, looking for them behind every demonstration, and the uprisings have been often treated as if they were something threatening. And all too often, it just comes down to “what does this mean for Israel’s security?” The aspirations of hundreds of millions of freedom-seeking Arabs are subordinated to the security concerns of five million Jews who colonised Palestine.” He emphasizes how it seemed as if the focus of western new media somehow always end up at Israel’s security, undermining the importance of the people of the countries who are going through the revolutions themselves.

I found both of these articles to be equally powerful. They both provided a drastically different point of view from the one that I’m used to watching in the “western media” that they talk about. I especially like how the author of the second article emphasizes that it’s a journalist’s job to fairly report news, rather than put his/her opinions into the articles.

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  1. December 3rd, 2014 at 5:04 pm      Reply Christopher Micklethwait Says:

    Great to work from a hypothesis! Interesting to focus on how sympathies evolve with the nature of the revolutions and civil wars. Great to compare too the youth and the Middle Eastern scholars’ points of view. True too that many points of view factor through concerns about Israel’s security concerns in the region.

  2. December 3rd, 2014 at 5:05 pm      Reply nthees Says:

    I really liked your topic! I liked how you were able to relate your topics to the globalization, really interesting presentation, I especially liked the part where you said western media often seeks out Islamists and what these conflicts mean for Israel k stead of paying attention to those affected.

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