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The two articles I posted on Diigo this week were, “Benghazi Assassinations Stun Residents Amid Libya’s Turmoil” by Erin Cunningham of The Washington Post and “Kurds call on ‘all Middle East’ to help defend stronghold from Isis” by The Guardian.  The reason I chose these two articles were to see how the western world views the history in making that is the contemporary Middle East. The first article talked about, how Libya does not have a credible government, which has left the country with “armed groups vying for influence in the desert nation’s urban centers” (Cunningham). What I found interesting in this article was the tone of the author. Many times in the article she sounded condescending and had a seemingly one-sided view toward what was happening in Libya. She used terms such as “city plagued by lawlessness” and sounded unsympathetic towards the events happening in Libya. I found this to be interesting and disturbing at the same time. The second article talked about the increase in Syrian refugees because of the Syrian civil war. The author of this article was somewhat sympathetic to the people of Middle East. While presenting his facts, he used terms as the “bitter Syrian war” and included information that showed support for the Kurdish people. He presented this article with a sympathetic tone and was drastically different from the article by Cunningham.


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