whoever is not for ISIS is against ISIS.


We came to know recently that Ansar Bayt alMaqdis have sworn allegiance with ISIS.  Abu Khattab, a leader of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in Gaza, pledged allegiance to IS on Nov. 3 which is  a response to a decision by the group’s Shura Council. He threatened IS’ opponents and called for attacks on anyone who works against it the group. Ghazi Hamad who is a senior Hamas leader and undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry in Gaza, he denied the existence of IS cells in the Gaza in a conversation with Al-Monitor, saying, “There are no militants affiliated with the group in the Strip. Any accusations of this sort are lies, as we do not have any extremist members.”
Al-Monitor also met with Abu Mujahid, an IS supporter in Gaza. He said that Hamas has no reason to fear IS as it is not targeted by the radical group which Hamas should not have any concerns regarding the announcement of state Sinai. Despite their differences, IS does not target Hamas, since the group is confronting the Egyptian army. The wilaya would protect Gaza from any possible attacks by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.”

Even though Hamas do not agree with Abu Mujahid claims that ISIS is operating in Gaza. ISIS is well present in Gaza and operates in complete secrecy with very advanced weapons. It works with people affiliated with military groups from Salafist jihadist organizations, some of which returned to Gaza after fighting in Syria.

It seems that ISIS is still pushing to gain more allies in order to make their organization more powerful. At the beginning, Ansar Byat Al-Maqdis kept denying the fact that they joined ISIS. After days of the denial, the ABM released a video clip admitting that they have chosen Al-Bagdidi as the main Caliph. The are many supporters of ISIS in Gaze, which Hamas might end up swearing allegiance with ISIS which will make the situation even worse for many countries as well as many non-extremist Muslims who believe in religious freedom and liberty.

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