After joining the Islamic State, terrorist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis threatens to spread violence to Egyptian cities


The war in Egypt become more complicated after Ansar bayt almaqdis joined ISIS. Within the past 30 days, ABM has planted 21 bombs against the army and sexurity officials in north Sinai. The security found seven bombs before they explode. However, the security couldn’t find the rest. 14 of bombs were launched against the army and security. Six bombs targeted military vehicles, killing four security men and wounding 24 others, some of whom were in critical condition, mostly soldiers and officers. Eight bombs exploded without hitting their target.  The issue faced the army is that they are not able to control the area due to the remote bombs used by the terrorist group. The only approach the army disconnects the network in order to stop their devices. However, ABM are using the terrorists recently relied on wireless networks and UHF radios, and equipped themselves with electronic intensifier technology to strengthen the signal for detonating bombs from a distance of up to one kilometer [0.6 mile]

ABM claims that they will keep bombing the gas pipelines in Sinai for three reasons. First, the organization wants to regain its media momentum to prove that it is facing the tough military campaigns in Sinai. Second, it wants to cause losses to the army’s economic structure which greatly relies on the huge profits from cement factories in the center of Sinai and uses gas in its work. Third, the organization wants to stop pumping gas exported to Jordan because the latter joined the anti-IS international alliance.

From a market liberal perspective, I think they would see this is one of the worst situations that could happen to any country because economy is their main approach. ABM is trying making the economic structure weak which is the main approach of market liberal perspective. I think they would solve this issue through other countries intervention because violating a country’s economy means will affect other countries, such as Israel and Jordan in Egypt situation. ABM approach rely on weakening the economy infrastructure, so Egypt lose their power through the economy as well as lose their connection with other countries.

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