ABM Confess on their actions




The first video I posted in Diige from the Aljazeera news, well known Arabic news channel, shows the scene of bombing by the ABM. The ABM Confess that they are in charge of bombing Karam Al-Qwadees, where they have killed 30 soldiers. The video shows that the ABM militant driving a truck full of weapons.  They succeeded and gain a lot of weapons as well as ammos from the soldiers that ABM militant killed. Moreover, they have stolen tanks from the army after the attack. The group in the video is warning everyone and he said “this is only the beginning and people have not seen anything from us.  The speaker claim that we have warned everyone and he said nobody releases and we are excused for our action. The president of Egypt replayed that we are sending more troops to Sinai in order to face the ABM group.

Other video I posted in Diigo about an American oil worker.  The ABM confesses that they are in charge of killing William Henderson, the oil worker. We claim responsibility for the killing of American oil expert William Henderson in the Western Desert,” the Ansar Bayt el Maqdis militant group wrote on its Twitter account late on Sunday night. However, it did not say when or how it had killed him. It seems that every action by ABM is recorded in a video or voice record. They are using this approach to make many states and people fear them.

From a realist perspective, I think they would release that ABM trying to use the threat approach in order to make the country as well as the military to fear them. Realist ideology focuses mainly on maintaining security. Therefore, they would not fear from the warning posted by anyone. They will use their own military to eliminate any group who violate their security.

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