History attacks by Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis.

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the Ansar Bait Al-Maqids is responsible of many terrorist attack this past four year. at the beginning, their main purpose is to attack Israel and free Jerusalem as far as ABM concerned. however, they have shifted their purpose and most of their attacks especially nowadays against the Egyptian military and police.

There are many attacks and booming ABM is responsible for. first, The group has bombed many pipelines that carry gas from Egypt to Israel as well as the mounted an attack in Isreal troops in 2012. ABM is also responsible of attacking  on a military intelligence building in Ismailia. Mohamed Mabrouk, a security officer involved in the trial against Muhammed Morsi, was shot dead in front of his home by members of ABM in Nasr city on November 17,2013.  On January 31 2014, a rocket was launched from the Sinai Peninsula aimed at Eilat. also, The group took responsibility for an attack on a police checkpoint in Beni Suef which caused 5 deaths. in late January 2014, booms were launched in Cairo. ABM is responsible of many attacks in Sinia and killed many soldiers and police officers. this group is also responsible of booming a tourist bus that killed four people, including three Korean tourists and an Egyptian bus driver. they have threatened the tourists to leave egytion, and the made the extreme message to stop the tourist from coming into Egypt.

it is obvious that ABM is focusing on  three main approaches. Attacking the Egyptian military is  their first approach because they are the main obstacle for ABM. Second, they have boomed many pipelines that carry gas from Egypt to Israel in order to be an economic obstacle between Egypt and Israel. moreover, weakening the economy in Egypt by trying to threat tourism, which is one of them main sources of income in Egypt.

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