Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis Swears Allegiance To ISIS A Week After Denying Links

Many recent news and news articles speak about the unity between the two terrorist groups, Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis and ISIS. last week ABM dined the fact that they swear allegiance with ISIS.  however, this week they have released a voice clip on twitter account claiming to be ABM’s official account. 

the speaker in the 9 minute voice clip says, at the beginning, the speaker recited verses from the Quran and the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him sayings that give the them permission for jihad. he also added that the Muslims have suffered and now is the time to stand up and fight against the enemy. Then he spoke about their situation with Israel, their main target as they claim. he asked the people of Egypt to join their group as well as all Muslims and to vote for Al-Bagdadi, ISIS leader, as a main caliph. Moreover, he talked about unity and all jihadi groups must join the the Islamic State. at the end, he swear that the Ansar Bayt Al-maqdis joined the Islamic state.

in the way report talks, he is trying to influence all Muslims to join ISIS and if not, the Muslims will go against the commandment of god because they believe Al-Baghdadi is the chosen one.   all the verses from the Quran that the speaker used is out of context as well as the sayings of the prophet. It is easy to fool uneducated Muslims with this type of language, as well as educated Muslims might fall into the same trap. even the language that the speaker used and ideology is 14 hundred years back. the only hope within the Muslims is to get educated and understand the situation more in order to prevent the Muslims and all Arabs in general to fly 14 hundred years back.



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