In stark transformation, Egyptian rights activist dies fighting for the Islamic State

This article was posted in diigo about Ahmed al-Darawi who died in the battlefield recently fighter for the Islamist jihadist. Ahmed al-Darawi, an Egyptian citizen,  was an idealistic participant during the uprising, he morphed from a prominent rights activist into a die-hard fighter for the Islamic State. many of his friends and colleagues were shocked when they heard the news. Researchers who study jihadist groups online believe he had a twitter account. one of his twittes  was” How sweet life is between the Quran and my Kalashnikov,”

This is clearly not the only one issue. many Muslims in the world especially from Europe went to support ISIS and other groups claiming that this is the massage of the Quran and the ways of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. therefore, we need to understand what is the massage of the Quran that turns people into jihadist. the Quran is divided into two sections. the first section is Makkiah chapter, which the verses and chapter were reveled in the city of Makkah. these chapter mainly discuss how a person live under a unjust state, country, or community, such as Syria. all of the solutions are aproach peacefully, or flee of there is no other option. none of these chapters mention the word jihad, holy war, or fight in order to build a new state.

Second is the Madania chapters, Chapters and verses reveled in the city of Madinah. prophet Muhammad was selected through Mubaia, an old form of voting, by the people of al-Madina to be their leader. tribes and leaders of Makkah were not satisfied when the Muslims built their own state and because many of tribes around the gulf supported the prophet Muhammad. therefore, the economy of the tribes of makkah sturrgled at that time. the tribes of mekkah had to fight against the Islamic state in al-madina. therefore, the Madnia chapters discuss the need for law and to defend the state and protect the people, and must not harm anyone unless they attack the Islamic state. however, Muslims nowadays use the Madania chapter in the quran in order to give them the excuses to fight.


every Muslims dream to live under true Islamic state based on the Quranic laws because it gives equal rights to people, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, voting, and it gather all religions, and focus own the common between other cultures, believes, etc and leave the differences. However, with the interpretation of Isis and other militants group makes the dream almost impossible to reach. Unfortunately, many people like Ahmed al-Darawi    went to fight to establish the dream with people who do not understand what the true dream is.

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