Jihadis book cruise ships to join extremists in Syria


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a recent article news discuss that fighters  joining the militants  groups in Syria and Iraq from different parts of the world and especially Europeans. the fighters face difficulties to reaching their destination due to the heavy security in their airport. however, taking a cruises is the option for the fighters to join the militants. Turkey, which shares borders with Iraq and Syria, has been a transit point for militants trying to get to Iraq and Syria. the international police claim that they are trying to expand their screening systems to make sure cruise ships, hotels, etc. is safe. turkey is also involved with this situation. the article says that turkey has been a transit point for militants trying to get to Iraq and Syria. chief Ronald Noble spoke in the general assembly this week confirming that Turkey is involved. also, he did not mention any other involving countries.

it seems that the situation is not clearly clarified. at the beginning of the article, the fighters are mainly from European countries. also, all of the fingers are pointing at turkey only. what makes the situation even more mysterious is that the Chief Ronald declined to identify other targets.

looking at this situation from realist point of view. it is inexcusable act from Turkey and other counties that are helping the fighters to reach their destination. these types of acts hurt the sovereignty of a country.  because maintaining security is one of the most important approaches to  the realist point of view. there is a high chance that the realist with respond strongly specifically the fighters then the countries who support them.  


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