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Egypt jihadist group releases video of beheadings

I have posted on Diigo  an article named” Egypt jihad group releases video of beheadings”. this article talks about some issues that Egyptians face nowadays. surely, this is not an new story in the middle east. they have faced many similar situation like it. the video shows 4 people are murdered accused of spying for the army and for Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. the four men were murdered one of them worked with the military and the  other three were beheaded after saying they worked for Mossad. it seems to me that this issue is difficult to understand. I think people still don’t know what side is the good side, or what side just want to maintain control and power. the main issue of Jihadist, ISIS, etc. they did not understand the religion because most of their actions is against the Quran, Which they claim is the most important source for laws, such as killing the innocent or go against human rights and freedom. on the other hand, the Egyptian government blocked the border between Egypt and Palestine, so no one can ran from the situation. therefore, this is one of the main reasons that makes the Islamist groups angry, and it makes the issue more difficult to solve.