Week 1 Entry: Art in Egypt

The two things I posted on Diigo this week both pertain to Egypt’s recent art being a form of revolution for it’s citizens. I focused primarily on art, due to the fact that I was interested in the idea of using art not just as an expression, but as a form of revolution for the Egyptian people. The first article I focused on was called “Egypt’s Murals Are More Than Just Art; They Are A Form of Revolution” and it was written in May 2013. This article discusses how street art has been used to bind together the ideology of the communities around them and how it used to express the injustices that are going on. The second article titled “Art in Egypt’s Revolutionary Square” discusses street art, but also other types of art, such as literature and film. These genres have been incredibly impacted and influenced by the January 25th uprising. Both of these article are connected to globalization, in the fact that the arts are used to not just express the idea of the injustice to the people that live inside Egypt, but, it also demonstrates to the world what the communities there find most important. These show the cosmopolitan’s idea by using social networking to show give a voice to the people around them and to get people to understand what it is that is important and what needs to be focused on.

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