Move toward secularism or Islamism


In the article, “A Look At The Youth Of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood,” a journalist describes the role and strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the revolution. The Brotherhood did not want to be the sole identifier of the revolution because it was not their revolution. However, the Brotherhood did take this opportunity to gain popular support by providing organizational strategies to the revolution. The youth in different groups were responsible in unifying all members of Egyptian society.

In the post entitled, “Is Egypt Moving Toward Secularism?” the author analyzed the progress of the political process in Egypt. There is tension in the society because groups want to break away and establish authority over the government structure. However, these groups are in heavy opposition about the best direction for Egypt’s political future. Islamic groups are fighting within themselves about the best way to incorporate Islam into the Egyptian society. Secularists are strongly opposed to any Islamic legislature. Because of this, the process of political change in Egypt has hit a standstill.

Under Mubarak’s regime, Egypt lost its identity. The people became one under the identity of struggle and oppression. Now when trying to moveforward in the political process, they must decide what role religion will play in their political parties. Although religion is separate from politics, is it realistic to expect groups to distinguish their political life from their religion?

The political groups fighting for power in Egypt will gain dominance if they gain the support of the military. Because Egypt is still a deep state, military support will garner success in its favored groups. In this aspect, the groups trying to access military favor are favoring a political realist perspective. Because of the military’s power, groups almost must adopt a realist point of view in this factor. The political group that joins with the military will represent Egypt as a dominant force in domestic and international political moves.

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