The two articles that I posted to Diigo were relevent to what we talked about in class because both were about Libya.The first article that I tagged on Diigo was a New York Times article posted on August 24th, 2014. Specifically, the article tied to what we spoke about because it explains the aftermath of Libya after Gaddaffi was gone and the fear of returning to a repressive authoritarian regime or Islamic extremism.Libya’s airport has been destroyed and many people are being killed by the disputes for power. The second article that I tagged on Diigo was a BBC news article about an anti-islamist general named Khalifa Haftar. He is interesting because many see him as a traitor or renegade because he fought for and against Gaddaffi. He has been leading the country in the fight against the muslim brotherhood and has used violence and war to send the message. He is responsible for blowing up the Parliament.

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September 5, 2014

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