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November 21, 2014

The first article I read was “Egypt’s Sissi Urges West to Support Libya.” Egypt says that militants cross the border to help the Egyptian jihadi group Ansar attack Egypts security. Just recently, Ansar swore allegiance to Islamic State, which is now facing U.S.-led air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Sissi says that the international community should provide the same measures in Libya as it is in Syria and Iraq, because Libya is becoming a good place to breed islamist extremism. As of now, Egypt does not want to intervene directly, but it is aiding the Libyan army. It is interesting that Egypt is calling on the international community while it does not want to intervene directly. Even the United States is not willing to get involved. This reminds me of the chapter about Military Intervention in Controversies in Globalization. The united States intervened in 2011 because of widespread human rights abuses conducted by Gaddafi. Because genocide was occuring, the US intervened. But what about the Libyans who are caught in the midst of war, or those who are beheaded by IS members in the town of Derna?

The second article that I read was “Chaos, Abuse Defy Solution in Libya.” This article talks about the struggle between groups in Libya and how the Libyans are fleeing to the southern border of Europe. Amnesty International says that if the situation in Libya is not addressed, then there is going to be increased radicalization near Europe or possibly in Europe. I wonder if the increasing number of Libyans who are fleeing to Europe’s borders are creating a threat to Europes security, and whether this will increase greater intervention efforts by Europe.

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