November 21, 2014

The first article is “Libya’s primary oilfield remains closed after fierce battles for control.” The article explains the oil crisis in Libya and how one of its main oilfields, al-Sharara, remained closed for more than a week due to chases between rival militant groups. The field was originally shut down after guards protecting it were expelled by  local tribesmen who are believed to be affiliated with Libya Dawn and workers at the facility itself. Crude oil is Libya’s primary foreign export, and generates some 95 percent of the country’s income. The capture of these oil fields shows Libya’s direction into deeper chaos and corruption. Islamist’s have control over the the countries main source of oil, which might become a problem for the United States and other countries. I will not be surprised if the united states becomes more interested in intervening in Libya’s humanitarian crisis, especially since oil is of great interest to the U.S.


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  1. Christopher Micklethwait said:

    Great job explaining the different groups and their roles in the conflict post-Qaddhafi. Both armed groups and civil society groups.

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