Week 6

November 12, 2014

The first article that I read was “Libya violence: Activists beheaded in Derna.” Three activists were beheaded in Libya for posting on social media sites. An activist that cannot be named for safety reasons said “We reject IS being here. We can’t come out in public about it.” There are three main extreme groups in Libya: Islamic Youth Shura Council, a branch of Ansar al-Sharia, and the more moderate Martyrs of Abuslim Brigade. Some think a group that broke away from the Shura Council has pledged to IS.

The second article is “23 Killed in Libya as Islamist Militants Battle Rival Militias.” In summary, Islamist militias seized control of Tripoli in October 2014. The anti-Islamist Zintan militia attacked the libyan town of Kikla, an Islamist stronghold. The Islamist Militias, known as Libya Dawn forced the Zintan militia to retreat after the Zintan tried to seize parts of Kikla and cutting roads from Kikla and Gharyan.

These two articles remind me of when we spoke about how sectarianism contributes violence. My response to these articles is a cosmopolitan one: Speaking about civil rights when the major audience are a bunch of terrorists does not seem productive, not to mention safe. But what are the people to do? These extremists believe what they are going to believe because it is in their culture for it to be known and forced on people no matter the measure. These citizens need assistance from other nations because it is no longer about the citizens of Libya who fought to overthrow Gaddaffi. Now it is about power and which religion to choose. (?)

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