Egypt Civil Rights (Response 2)

September 29, 2014

My first tag on diigo was about Egyptian NGO’s. Egypt’s president Sisi requires that every NGO register with the government, which enables the government to control their actions. Law 84 also requires the NGO’s to obtain permission from the government before carrying out their activities. If any organization violate the law, they could be jailed for a year or more with a fine of $14,000. This law therefore, restricts any freedom from these organizations. This shows that the government is operating similarly to a regime and that the people are still not completely free. My second tag was about the torturing of Egyptian teens in prison by police guards and military officials for peacefully demonstrating. The teens have been subjected to electric shock on their genitals, cigarette burns, rape, and being hung by their hands for hours. These instances correlate with the weak state of the government and its ability to control violence and corruption. After the overthrow of Morsi, Egypt hoped to elect a present who would solve Egypt’s problems such as poverty and lack of freedom. It seems like there is a cycle that is repeating and it is unreasonable to think that Egypt can get back on its feet one year after 60 years under a regime.

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