Egypt Civil Rights (Response 2)

September 29, 2014

My first tag on diigo was about Egyptian NGO’s. Egypt’s president Sisi requires that every NGO register with the government, which enables the government to control their actions. Law 84 also requires the NGO’s to obtain permission from the government before carrying out their activities. If any organization violate the law, they could be jailed […]

The two articles that I posted to Diigo were relevent to what we talked about in class because both were about Libya.The first article that I tagged on Diigo was a New York Times article posted on August 24th, 2014. Specifically, the article tied to what we spoke about because it explains the aftermath of […]

Hello world!

September 5, 2014

Welcome to your brand new blog at St. Edwards University Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site, check out our Edublogs User Guide guide or stop by The Edublogs Forums to chat with […]

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