Gestalt; A Hushed Rush




While working on this project, I aimed to photograph subjects which are seen every day, yet are commonly looked over; parts of a bigger whole. If one walks down South Congress, they may fixate on the street itself with its colorful, eclectic boutiques and buskers. Another individual may notice the diverse natural life populating the street, from oak trees to agave plants. However, few stop to observe how nature and man intersect.

I am fascinated by the tendency of plants to take over human structures. Creeping ivy shrouding the chipped brick of a wall, tree trunks enveloping fences as they grow, and deserted towns blanketed in lush, verdant carpet. These are the images that catch my eye and cast me into wonder. I see it as the Earth’s way of reclaiming a lush space that was entombed in concrete. Humans create structures that are perceived as permanent, yet our buildings inevitably uprooted. I believe this shows the sheer power of nature and its ability to thrive in any condition.

-Chloe’ Halstead

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