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Reading #2

How do you make decisions? Are they based upon anything substantial? Why or why not? How do you know when something is “good” or working? How do you rework projects to make them work?

Line Inventory Project – 4D Component

Here’s my 4-D Component to the Line Inventory Project.

100 Solutions

       I chose Q*Bert because I like to create stories when I’m doing anything, especially if it’s art. As for why these ten, it’s because it makes him seem more alive and looks like problems and situations that he would naturally get into.   BOX Link to folder

Blog Post #9

Part I

Blog Post #8

I feel like I have planned out my future pretty well, at least for the duration of College. I have planned out the major I am planning on taking and the classes that I will most likely be taking throughout the years. The only thing that still needs to be planned out is what happens […]

Blog Post #7

I have to admit, out of the two individuals who showed us their work, I liked Abbas more.

Blog Post #6

This is the post for the 6th blog post on strengths and weaknesses.

Blog Post #5

PART 1 I am not currently taking any studio courses, but we did do some game creation work in our Video Game History class, so I am posting one of those images and it is the one I will be talking about in this post. PART 2 The work I want to talk about is […]

Blog Post #4

Part I:  I liked all of the older students dedication to their respective fields. I really liked Faith’s photographs, because, despite the fact that they were black and white, they seemed to have a lot of colour in them. Mary’s website was very interesting and I liked how it flowed. I even chose that as […]

Blog Post #3

I chose Michelle Pier as my artist for this assignment. Michelle Pier is an artist who is a native of Guam and was a victim of domestic abuse. She watched her abuser go to prison for his crime and moved to California, where she excelled in her art. She grew from struggling to care for […]

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