How Graphic Design One Is going

I am going to be completely honest here, this is first real graphic design course or even first major computer class. I took a web design course at my last school and really enjoyed it, and i have always loved to draw and design things. All of my friends told me to take graphic design courses and be a free lance designer. I feel as though i was kind of thrown into a class of people who know what they’re doing and I’m completely lost. I did not do what your syllabus considers practice hours, but i have been playing and doing tutorials in illustrator. Coffee level of practice time would be unsteady, tea would be you have a set time you do it. Red bull would be you power through it all at once.
I was looking at the my symbols when I first started out and i just laughed, they look so terrible compared to what I can make now. My work has grown to be much cleaner, more cohesive and just all around better. Low would be they were just terrible.
The feedback was a little harsh, i don’t do well with negative criticism with no explanation, so when we just circled things on peoples papers that we didn’t like i was unsure of what to fix exactly. I think we should have equaled the negative criticism out more with positive because everyday I left class feeling terrible about my stuff. I can handle negative criticism to a point but there was one day and it felt like the whole class was about how terrible my symbols were. Transformative feedback means you really took what they said and changed it, useful means you took hat they had into consideration and tweaked it a little bit.
I challenged myself more for this class than any of my other classes this semester, which truthfully has make things more difficult. I am proud of my final symbols, I put a lot of work into them, especially for coming into the class a week late and having no idea what the heck was going on. i wish we would have had ore class time to work though, especially when we had to print them. Intense is where you set the bar really high, then there is medium and low.
I have started playing with some of the other adobe apps on my ipad and my computer and i think they’re really helping me overall. I had little experience with computers until this year and i am finding myself knowing more key functions and understanding systems better.
I don’t know how much i contribute to the classroom climate, I tend to keep to myself, I add my random comments here and there. I just think everyone has more to offer on the subjects we talk about. Once I’m confident enough about something i will talk about it. Beyond is where you actually do other stuff, then “other stuff” is where you’re just lying. then there is just doing the in class assignments.
I have really ben enjoying Graphic design one, however I wish i hadn’t taken it at the same time as typography. They both have seemed to have consumed my life, they’re both all i can think about. `

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