Campus Ministry

By Lucas Robbins


What does the Campus Ministry do?

St. Edward’s University Campus Ministry is an organization on campus meant to engage students of all religious and spiritual backgrounds in matters of social justice, service, and Holy Cross values. There are a multitude of events hosted by Campus Ministry including the Red Bench series, service opportunities such as Service Break Experiences (SBE), as well as individual events that discuss pressing matters such as the Immigrant Voices conference.

Campus Ministry also conducts Mass throughout the week at Noon, as well as services on Sundays at both 10:30am and 9:00pm. Outside of the Mass services, Campus Ministry offers Spiritual Development Leaders and groups that can offer both individual and group conversations with Campus Ministry leaders.

What do you get out of participating in events sponsored by Campus Ministry?

Students involved in Campus Ministry engage in the campus community and are given access to participate in conversations beyond the campus environment that take place all over the world. Students of all faith and spiritual backgrounds are welcomed into the community at Campus Ministry with the intent to talk about, engage in, and to better understand how each person can better develop themselves through their beliefs. It also provides an opportunity for students to participate in the Holy Cross mission by discussing and actively enacting the core values of the organization.


What does the Campus Ministry contribute the St. Edward’s community?

The conversations and active events that Campus Ministry hosts engage students on every level of civic discussions ranging from worldwide controversies to talks about campus-wide issues that can be talked through. The organization provides a place for students to be heard and to hear from the perspective of others regarding all matter of issues, and to better themselves in discussing their faith, spirituality, and their critical thinking. They provide an invaluable service to the campus in consistently hosting events about topics that need addressing and by giving students the platform to speak and the chair to listen on in conversations that happen nowhere else on campus.


How can students get involved?

You can visit the Campus Ministry website, their Facebook, and their Instagram to find more information and to keep up with events.


PDF Profile for Campus Ministry

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