Club Sports

By Eric Anderson


What do Club Sports do?

The various club sports at St. Edward’s University present students with the opportunity to not only improve their athletic skills and fitness but make friends and build a greater sense of community as well. Club sports teams regularly compete on regional and national levels. Regular club activities include practices, planning meetings, training sessions, and of course, games. Competitive sports events are held regularly both locally and regionally throughout each team’s respective season. Practices occur throughout the academic calendar year.

Club Sports teams include:

  • Basketball (Men’s/Women’s)
  • Climbing Club
  • Dance Team
  • Lacrosse (Men’s/Women’s)
  • Olympic Lifting Club
  • Rowing/Crew
  • Rugby
  • Soccer (Men’s/Women’s)
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball (Men’s/Women’s)


What do you get out of participating in Club Sports?

Participating in the organization gives students a chance to develop good sportsmanship through competition, as well as grow their social group work skills through regular team-based practices and comradery in commendatory events. Of course, students also participate in a regular exercise routine to enrich their physical health in a fun and engaging manner. Students feel that being a part of a team has enriched not only their personal lives but the spirit of campus life as well:

“We value community service on the team (each season players must complete 10 hours minimum).  Most of the service projects that we work on involve going out into the local community as a team and helping out in any way we can. This sense of service within the team exists in the St. Edward’s community and beyond.”

“It’s a very large group of diverse girls from all different places/backgrounds. I think that’s important to remember when we’re talking about the type of discussion the team has concerning civil rights and politics.”

“Last year we helped with the moving in day at the beginning of the year. As for off campus, we try and at least do two community services a year. This we had the chance of going to Houston and doing some relief work for Hurricane Harvey.”


What do Club Sports contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

Club Sports teams are all made up of players from different backgrounds, so they serve as a means of representation of diversity for the university. In addition to representation, their organization is engaged in community-focused activities both on and off the field as well as spirit engagement through their competitions. By bringing together a crowd to support the teams at their games, Club Sports creates a supportive environment for students, parents, and faculty. Overall the primary effect Club Sports has on campus is building a greater sense of pride and comradery within the St. Edward’s University community.


How can students get involved?

Further insight into the operations of Club Sports organizations can be found on their website links below, which include the organization’s home page and events calendar for the Fall 2017 semester.

Club Sports Homepage

Club Sports Practice Schedule


For any other information, contact Andy Lemons at or (512) 233-1669.

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